Share Your Most Memorable (Online) Multiplayer Gaming Experiences

I touched the surface of this topic earlier and wanted to hear some more experiences about what you guys like in online gaming.

What I like
To me, the one-timer experience is certainly a thing I look forward, but I also enjoy doing great passes to others that might shoot the puck in the net. In Zombie Panic I liked the collaboration in building defenses and shooting out zombies (or protecting other people). In L4D I liked to bandage others or get them up (or shoot zombies near them).

Some memorable moments
Not sure if these were actually so fun, but there’s 3 memorable online incidents that I really remember well.

First one happened in Zombie Panic. In this game, one side (humans) does barricades, while the other side – the zombies – try eat the freaking brainz until all humans are dead (or time runs out). Well, once when I looked forward to starting to play a round of zombie survival some guy started telling Michael Jackson jokes via the microphone. This was so unexpected that it sure was memorable. Reminds me that giving players a way to communicate can help them bring memorable moments.

Second recollection comes from NHL ’10. In one game, there was 12 human controlled players (6 on each side). One of the opponents left the game for a moment and his player was standing in the ice without nobody controlling him. Well, one brainiac from our side got this idea and moved the idle player to our defense area – meaning the opponents couldn’t attack because it would have caused an offside. It was pretty interesting to see how a game of ice hockey turned into “move the player on one side of the blue line” when couple of guys started pushing the idle player. (This reminds me that NHL ’10 sure needs some sort of “I’m idle” button, and it also means that when given tools to people, they find truly creative ways to change the whole gaming experience).

The third experience comes from Left 4 Dead. In this game, players are supposed to protect and support each other and make it to the next checkpoint. In one game, there was this one guy who constantly kept running solo and ended up beaten by the zombies – which made us 3 (the rest of the team) constantly helping him, and it was hindering our progress. It was pretty hilarious moment when quite near the end of the checkpoint this one guy got once again beaten up by zombies (and he was lying in ground) one of our teammates started shouting “leave him! leave him!” (since without him we could finish the map if the zombies killed him). Well, I pondered for a second and thought it was a sensible move. We run with the rest of the team to safety while you could still hear one guy shouting “leave him! get to the checkpoint!” – so much for cooperation…

Tell your story
Now I’d really be keen to hear what kind of multiplayer experiences have been most memorable to you?

What kind of multiplayer experiences you really enjoy?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Everquest was memorable because it was a whole new concept when it came out. Before that the very first online game I played Dark Sun Crimson Sands. It amazed me at that time that there can be other players online playing the same game I was.

  2. @Fabio: I recall having similar moments with my friends at LAN parties where we tried Need for Speed.

    @Mikushi: Cool. Gotta try this game some day.

    @Pathogen: Epic :)

    @Sargon: jeep driving has indeed brought a memorable moment or two in BF1942… :)

    @lonestarr: Sounds like Ivan :D

    @Andy: Hehee, cool.

  3. TF2 death farming!

    What is death farming you may ask? It involves camping in “2Fort” with a couple of friends in your base with sentry guns covering all exits and waiting for your enemy to come to you.

    The first 6 months of TF2 was the best, we played every night for weeks and weeks.

    The last big thing we did as a group was this:

    L4D just wasn’t as awesome…

  4. My most memorable multiplayer moment is a Counter Strike moment. 10 years agos, I played on a Norwegian servre. These guys are mutants when it comes to CS. They can give you a Head Shot with a pizza in both hands. Needless to say my approx game time was not numbered in minutes but rather in seconds. One of them wrote “knife?” in the console, and in the next game all players used only their knife. 99% of Norwegian speak english, and unluckily, the remaining 1% played with us that night. So there was 15 knifes vs 1 AK-47. And it was VERY funny. There was even an indiana jones moment with the last knife-guy (who died with 1 bullet). Because yes… we all died.

  5. I remember a funny momemnt in Battle Field 1942.
    I have taken a jeep, and I took another guy with me.
    I was driving the fastest I could, because I like to drive fast on the jeep. :)
    The thing is, there was a bridge over a river, my plan was to cross the bridge, get to the enemy base, and grab one of their tanks. Which I did oplenty of time.
    When I reached the bridge, and was driving really fast, the jeep someone got throwen away from the bridge, and flew straight into a wall that was bellow the bridge.
    The guy I took and I were instantly killed.
    My nickname was Bullet Dodger. So I was claiming I was hit by a tank shell. They started laughing I was driving like crazy, and called me Bullet Dumbass. :P
    It was a pretty funny moment.

  6. Gather around for a story of the great [?SBP51]Pathogen-DtD:
    One time in L4D2’s The Passing, we were doing the finale (just on normal mode – for fun) and one of my friends had gone AFK. Well, the wonderful idle bot got him killed by a tank when he was AFK really close to the end of the finale. The bridge started lowering. While the other two members ran for the car, I made a mad dash (with the help of some adrenaline) to a building where I knew a de-fib should have spawned. I grabbed the defib, ran back to his dead body, and revived him as I dodged countless hunters and zombies. I revived him and we both got out alive.

    EPIC. WIN.

  7. The fact that it was my first MMO might have played a big part on how i enjoyed it. But i find that the community was a lot more mature that what i’ve seen on WoW for example, the relative involvement of GOA at the time in creating role play events and huge campaigns, the awesome PvP/RvR, the huge fights for the relics, starting at 8pm with almost a 1000players fighting all over the RvR zone, trying to take castles and watch tower, this would go for hours, very often it was ending late at night, around 4am.
    The variety of classes available, all different on the 3 realms, the 3 realms concept was a great idea, always a lot of fun when the 3 were fighting over the same castle.

    See, just talking about me makes me nostalgic, that’s how i know it was great times, when i look back, i’m saying to myself “those were good times”.

  8. I liked a game played on a car simulator (I did´nt remember the name). It was very, very fun. Just driving! And against friends!

  9. @Mikushi: L4:D

    DAoC: I recently installed that game to my computer, but didn’t test it (just yet). What specifically you liked in DAoC?

  10. Dark Age of Camelot, 2002, game just opened in Europe, was playing for 5month, struggling to reach a decent level with my guildmates, we decided to do a rush of 7 days to close the deal.
    In all honesty, that’s by far my best online memory, 7 days of craziness in Lyonesse and Stonehedge Barrows, using teamspeak, starting to go crazy on role play while killing hundreds of mobs.
    Overall my 6years on Dark Age of Camelot are my best online experience, i was never able to find that spirit again on any MMO, tried a lot of them, was always coming back on DAoC.

    You mention Left 4 Dead, i had some good moments on that one too, i was playing with my roomate, he was in an other room of the apartment, and we were screaming instructions to each other, which was driving his girlfriend crazy :D

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