2D Online Multiplayer Game Engine – Anyone?

In order to create a 2D online multiplayer game, I sort of need this thing:


Torque2D comes quite close, but not sure how much Torquescripting would be needed and I have some prejudices against Torquescript. Unity could handle also 2D but the discussions that took place in the forums suggest me that there’s some gamestopper issues with the networking (all sort of hacks needed for master server to get it working online for example)

Any recommendations for a 2D online multiplayer game engine?

Coolest April Fool Pranks

About seven thousand years ago when I was a kid, I remember reading about a gaming news about “Quake can be played in your television”. There was detailed explanation how to wake up at 6:00 am and tune tv into certain channel. Well, I did that and maybe like 6:15 I was still pondering why all I see is noise and could not play Quake there.

Well, later I figured out that it was an april fools prank.

Any cool april fool pranks you’ve seen/experienced/heard?