“The Great Escape” Remake. Sort of. Anyone Know C64 Emulator For This?

Theme brainstorming got good amount of replies, and somehow woke up the desire for using the jail break theme in my stealth proto. The comments about the game The Great Escape got me even more curious (since I really liked that game on C64 three thousands years ago).

I started hunting for more info (couldn’t find it on some PC emulator just yet), and noticed that:

  • Few years back, somebody started doing a remake of it. (I suppose it got never finished) and got cheered up.
  • I saw some discussion threads where one guy was asking “Anyone know where I can find Great Escape…?” and some other guys wishing for “this should be fully remade using 3D”

Basically, it looks like nobody has done this game earlier… and that there might actually be interest for this. (Not that I care, I only care about me having fun nowadays).

Doing a proto of this sounds fun, so (1) I will try and see if I can find it somewhere to play (or just will check the Walkthrough videos to refresh my memory and see if I can remember what was fun about the game) and then (2) turn my ninja proto into a jailbreak prototype. This could first be thought bit as a “remake” of this fine classic, although for copyright – and for fun design – purposes I gotta change and add some (many) things quite likely.

You gimme the emulator, I’ll give you a beer
In case you happen to know where I could find an emulator to test this game, I’ll just might buy you a beer. Or two if you also tell it to me. But only for the first guy to enter (I know some smart guys would have applied if I would not add “only the first one gets the beer”). Via paypal. M’kay?

Update: Somebody already won and pointed me to http://www.zxspectrum.net/ (use browser search to locate the game). Twitter isn’t that useless after all.

It’s really great thing to have this blog and write things out loud. I’ve been pondering the theme, the replay value, and “purpose for the stealth” in my mind… and somehow I feel that the pieces start to get into the right places.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. That online version is sucky. I start the game by pressing BACKSPACE, then I define keys (ASDW and ENTER). To pick up (or drop) objects you need to press ENTER (or whatever – the fire key you defined). You also need to stand very close to the object and point to the right direction. In average it takes about 17 ENTER presses and tons of moving around before you succeed. :]

    I’ve yet to know how to actually use those things like KEYS… but I’ve managed to play “enough” to remember the game.

    Point number one: make sure controls are much, much more fluid in my version ;)

  2. Now I actually (and accidentally) got the game started. Turned out I was supposed to hit bacspace. But another obstacle has appeared: I don’t know how to pick up (and put down) objects and stuff I discover. Any clue?

  3. Thanks for the recap on this game! I played The Great Escape on C64 back when it was released, and never quite forgot it – probably because I was close to completing it, but never managed to.

    Now I would like to try it on the ZX Spectrum site, but for some reason, I cannot make it start. The screen says “break or caps and space for new game”, but does anybody know that translates to on my PC?

  4. hey there. hope the ZX Spectrum version worked for you, not exactly like the C64 version but it’s at least better than a video since it’s playable.

    I have very fond memories of that era, my favourites around that time were Jon Ritman’s

    In particular Head Over Heels, there’s many HoH fans out there, fanatic enough to recreate in full colour, actual 3D porting it to several platforms:

    And in case you’re interested in other 8-bit isometric this was actually the first one of all, “Ant Attack” by Sandy White:


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