Throwing Averages Out of The Window

“Have you got enough sleep?” is the question I hear quite a lot these days.

I assume that people think that (1) babies wake up all the time and (2) parents won’t get much sleep. That’s the myth and what perhaps some “study about parents’ average sleep hours” suggest. I don’t know, but that’s what people keep asking me.

I answer something along lines “Well, pretty good. Last night our baby slept about 7 hours in a row, ate a bit and continued to sleep for couple of more hours.” Our baby has a very nice sleep pattern and she sleeps well in the night time. I’m getting plenty of sleep. (Plus it also helps that I can fell into a sleep anywhere, anytime – as long as the vacuum cleaner is somewhere far away).

But still there is this myth about “babies will ruin your sleep”, and when I don’t happen to fall into that category… it’s not “normal”. It’s not “what happens in average”.

Averages are… averages. A kid can have a school grade average 3 (in scale 1 to 5), and that doesn’t tell nothing about the fact that he is great at sports (5) and sucks at math (1). Since according to “average” rating of 3 he falls somewhere in the middle of one big crowd.

Averages need something else. Averages are… beliefs. Myths even.

Out of the window they go.

On average.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. When my son was so small, he sleeped throught the night too. Even later on. Only when he was about to become sick, then he woke up in the nights. It still is like that now he is 10. If he wakes up in the night, I can bet money on it that he will be sick 1 or 2 days later, :-)

  2. eheh… my little girl was good-sleep in the first months, now she started to wake up several times every night.

    She will back soon to good-sleeping, (at least I hope!). Actually, even now that I canĀ“t sleep right, to be a father is really, really a gift to me.

    p.s. I am not trying to let you scared, juuso

  3. Hehee, I didn’t think it from that point-of-view… but yeh, you are probably right :)

  4. Sounds that there is a baby which represents the statistical opposite of your baby girl. Its parents may have gone nuts now :)

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