I Love Getting “Research Material For The Game Project”…

…gives me reason to play old games, get new books, buy movies for “research purposes”. So addictive. And useful too (at least sometimes).

Now if only tax-man would agree with me that these really are company expenses.

You ever fall into this trap of hoarding “research material” for your game?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Expense it dude. Stick it on your accounts. I put games, consoles, TV, cables, lunch with Helen etc on my accounts. It’s valid. Worst case you get audited (rare) and they disagree and you say “oops I did realise”.

  2. Well, sort-of. I was looking around for alternative UI systems. I wanted something similar to HTML and CSS because they work good for designing stuff like that. I stumbled onto Wolfire’s website through Frictional Games and got interested in their tech; eventually I found out about their UI system using Google Chromium to render HTML5+CSS3 web pages and yeah…

  3. Ahh, David – so you were researching for the “user interface usability and experience”.



  4. Guilty as charged =) That is how I justified pre-ordering Overgrowth. (Our games don’t have much of anything to do with each other, they just use the same UI tech as us XD)


  5. Of course. Nowadays it’s more collecting libraries and source code from the net (which goes mostly unused), but there are a number of books I bought out of the same reason. At least I have learned some things from reading them.

  6. I am so guilty of this. I usually by books, games and movies way before I have started a project and most of the time they end up unused because I start something else…

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