Good Prison/Escape Movies? (I’m Doing Some More Research…)

I ordered The Great Escape movie for some research, and now I’d like to get more prison/escape themed movies/series into my hands.

I already have some items in my list, such as Oz. It was a great series about prison life, and I might continue watching it now. Prison Break – first season – was pretty nice (rest of the seasons felt pretty clued on top of everything). I have 2 prison movies in my dvd collection (don’t remember names now) which I will check out too.

Escape from Alcatraz was another great movie which I gotta get. (In fact, I took a break and ordered the movie right away).

Any other good prison/escape movies I should consider checking out? (Anime is fine too)

31 thoughts on “Good Prison/Escape Movies? (I’m Doing Some More Research…)

  1. Josh

    all 4 season of prison break are brilliant, i loved the series, and the little movie to round it all was brilliant aswell

  2. Terry Murphy

    Rescue Dawn (2006) – Escape from VietCong

    A Man Escaped (1956) – Escape from the Nazis . French Language

    King of Devil’s Island (2010) – Escape from Borstal. Norwegian Language.

    The Way Back (2010) – Escape from Gulag

    As Far As My Feet Will Carry Me (2001) – Escape from Siberian Labour Camp. German language

  3. R hudson

    A great british escape movie based on a true story is McVicar really shows the brutal side of prison life. Someone uploaded it to youtube, try and see it

  4. mikey

    whats that one were buddy says he will give $100,000,000 to the persone that breaks him out of prison?

  5. saroj khadka

    I think Papillon is the best prison escape movies i have ever seen until now. when i saw shashank redemption i thought that it was the best movie i had ever seen but when i saw papillon then my best movie of all time became papillon. it is the best prison movie among the movies i have seen and rank is given below.
    1. papillon
    2. shashank redemption
    3. cool hand luke
    4. midnight express
    5. escape from alcatraz
    6. Deer hunter

  6. Su

    The Deer Hunter
    The Birdman of Alcatraz
    Bad Boys (1995)
    Cool Hand Luke
    O Brother Where Art Thou
    The Great Escape (1963)
    Stalag 17 (1960
    The Hurricane (1999)

  7. Jake Birkett

    Prison Break Season 3 has a different prison. It was good.

    The Green Mile
    Cool Hand Luke.
    Some Robert Redford one.
    Jackie Chan movie: Island on Fire.
    There might be a John Woo/Chow Yun Fat movie about prisons too I think…
    The Fugitive (about being on the run, lots of movies like that, but that’s a classic).

    1. Luke

      I am thinking of an older movie were the prisoners have these things on their necks and if they go too far out the thing on their neck will explode. Ant ideas what movie that might be?

  8. Toni Mäkinen

    I can’t believe that The Great Escape hasn’t been mentioned yet. I love all those heist/escape movies. Papillon, Escape from Alcatraz, Shawshank, Inside Man, Ocean’s Eleven.

  9. Juuso

    That’s one of the 2 movies I have on my shelf. :) It’s Finnish name is so different (“Avain Pakoon”). But yeh, that’s good one.

    The Rock was too action oriented… and not really what I’m after, but thanks for the recommendation.

    Any other takers?

  10. MrPhil

    I was going to recommend Shawshank Redemption as well.

    There’s another movie about Alcatraz, but in this one they are breaking IN to stop some terrorists: The Rock.


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