Twitter Experiment Results (After 1 Year Of Twittering)

About a year ago I started testing Twitter to see if it was any use. I made some comments and remarks about how I feel about twitter after one hour of using it.

Well, after 1 year of owning a twitter account I think exactly the same.

People still tell me what color pants they wear and what songs they sang in shower, but I also find it useful: (1) website traffic and (2) good place to get help and beer. (like for example this thing about Great Escape remake got instant reply via Twitter… before the guy even knew that I would give a beer to somebody for helping me out. Well, that guy is one Guinness pint happier now all thanks to Twitter.)

But really… nothing has changed. Twitter is still filled with crap, but it’s also an easy way to communicate with other devs. I recommend testing it.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Like said in the older post it’s sort of a “pub”. Yeh, you can find some links and “have fun” but it’s very easy (due microblogging) to see “I did this and that” type of tweets.

    I’m not saying that there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m just saying that these type of notes sort of go in the “spam folder” in my opinion from a professional point-of-view.

    From “want to know what your (virtual) friends do/are up to” (which is of course cool) point-of-view these type of things can be fun, and it’s nice to know what others are up to (that’s what some people could call “life” :)… and of course they say something about your personality.

    So, I was watching Twitter usage purely from professional point-of-view in the beginning (still do mostly).

    With that being said, I also use Twitter for more “casual” talk (so to speak). For example here:

    P.S. Facebook: I would love to say I hate it, but truth is that the whole FB is just so confusing and a timewaster that I keep myself out of it. Only the fact that game devs seem to use FB for communicating about their game has really made me rethink of getting my game projects there…

  2. Agree with hermitC, microblogging rules. Twitter has reduced he amount of blog posts I make which is not so good I guess. I also have Twitter linked to Facebook and it’s meant that I’ve made lots more social connections although it could be said that now I waste more time on FB, but seeing as I make FB games, understanding how the platform works is wise.

    I love getting cool links from other people on Twitter, I’ve found loads of great sites to visit as a result.

  3. For me Twitter emerged to a kind of micro-blog. Everything not important enough to write about in detail on my blog finds its way to the public via Twitter. Funny/interesting games and interesting articles are common here.

    I agree regarding crap. There are many people who have much time but nothing to say. Especially those who tweet every hour. Annoying waste of internet bandwidth. Finally most people reach a point in time when the information flood becomes too big and (s)he has to kick out the most worthless feeds/blogs/twitters/newsletters/whatever. Another survival of the fittest.

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