The One Who Invented Regions Should Be Spanked. With a Large Trout. Really Large.

You know what’s pretty annoying? Seeing text like “this video isn’t available in your country”. Whose idea was that? Is there a specific reason why I cannot watch some crap in Youtube? (Or Hulu.com for that matter) Is that idea somewhat related to ensuring that money doesn’t travel to wrong region or something.

Country regions. Region codes. DRM.

This region restriction is almost as disturbing as those unskippable copyright notices.

They sure want to give people reasons to start pirating.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. erg i hate it when it says “sorry you cant view this video as it is not available in your area”

  2. @Daniel: this so proves my point.

    Who invented those region codes? :]

    (Hmm, any tutorial/help info on how to actually use this modify hearders plugin?)

  3. I live in freaking Finland. We like… don’t ban much stuff here.

    Regarding ads: the ad owners can define in which countries they are shown. ;)

  4. Some material cannot be presented in some countries because of the laws. Very often, this has nothing to do with the intentions of the creators. For example, a video about free Tibet would be banned in China and a nude video would be banned too in many Arabic countries of the Middle East.

    Internet is one way of communication not in harmony with most of the countries. We cannot be against this. We need time the make the world as one large entity.

    What I don’t understand are the Super Bowl ads shown on Google. I live in Canada (just at the north of the USA where the Super Bowl is played) and I was not allowed to see many of these ads. The nature of the ads would not be banned in Canada, so there’s no real reason to ban theses ads.

  5. get “Modifiy Headers” for firefox
    ping the server (for example southpark-studios.com) you want to get the video from
    add new
    “X-Forwarded-For” with the ip you’ve got ( or any other ip in that country)
    and be happy to see that content

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