Have You Bought a Game With Retro/Pixel Style Graphics?

And I mean quite recently. Like within a year or two at max. You know… perhaps some adventure games or some retro shooters or something. Anything that does not have fancy looking 3D art.

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Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Discussable.

    Finally GSB has 3D art rendered to 2D sprites. Donkey Kong Country belongs into this category to. Mortal Kombat has real world characters mapped from 3D to photo to 2D sprites. IMHO these games fall into a special category, like “pseudo 3D”. Hard to find clear cuts here. I feel a new blog post rising on blackgolem.com… :)

  2. I donated to some through Kongregate (yes I know you’re sick of me pimping Kong on here ;P )

  3. “…not having fancy looking 3D art” is very restrictive. Cliffski’s GSB would also be retro according to this.

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