Minimalistic Art Style, So It Shall Be

Yesterday’s blog post about retro style purchases got poll answers I didn’t anticipate. I expected more “no” votes, but alas people have purchased games with retro/pixel/non-fancy3d art. Of course that poll was wide open to people to draw their own conclusion what they meant… but at least it shows that a game doesn’t need great 3D art to get purchased – even minimalistic style will work in some cases.

This made my life easier… and I’ll stick with minimalistic art style for my stealth game prototype.

And hey, if Monaco does it, I feel I’m on quite safe waters here.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I agree, PvsZ has good graphics. Actually Goo has beaultiful style too. But they are not “AAA ultrarealistic” and are excelent games for me. My point is: the graph is one thing, not all the game experience.

    If your graphics look crappy, or not so “wow”, the game must have other attributes (sounds, fun, etc) to “win” the player. Even if the game is a child.

  2. @fabio: Plants vs Zombs have great 2D graphics in my opinion. Crayon Physics… it’s “different”. Hard to categorize that :)

  3. That’s interesting! (You’ve spoiled them! ;))

    Totally different view on this: I saw some kids (like 4 year old) playing some crappy looking “teach yourself something” where they had this ugly looking “I spent 2 minutes drawing this in MS paint” style art. They seemed to like it :)

  4. I would say that there is a lot of buyers that want a fun game, not exactly a ultra realistic approach (which is not bad of course). That´s what we believe as indie studio.

    Anyway, just playing awarded titles as w.goo, Plants vs Zombies (juuso may like this) and Crayon Phisics, we can see that is possible to make good games without a fantastic graph.

  5. I’ve no doubt that Tobias is right. First-gen gamers like pixel art games, my kids think they look crappy.

  6. @Jake: I don’t care who buys… ;)

    @Tobias: Yeh, good point. Unfortunately no can do with this data :)

  7. I would be curious about what relation the poll results have to voter’s age… I would guess that older players tend more to buy pixel art than younger players do, but that’s just a wild guess, of course.

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