7 Ways To Legally Get Indie Games Without Paying a Cent (W00t!!)

Everybody knows that indie game devs are lovable and cute people. That’s why they are even prepared to give their games for free. Sometimes.

Here’s some ways to get those games at your disposal!

  1. Beg! Don’t beg the developer (that just annoys the developer and makes you look stupid), beg your parents! (that just annoys the parents, but they give in – eventually they always will) If you do the laundry and rake the grass, in no time your parents will give you those 10 bucks (or whatnot) to get yourself that game!
  2. Beg more! If your parents think that 20 bucks is “too expensive” then tell them that you will work for 5 bucks per month. No parent can resist this offer!
  3. Contribute in the development team’s discussion forums – become a moderator and act like a sane person. In no time you’ll receive fame & glory, and of course the game for pro bono.
  4. Set up a fan blog dedicated to the game. Write tons of posts and get people to visit the game site. In no time, a copy of the indie game is yours!
  5. Do a video about the game and get it in everybody’s face. Then humbly go and ask if you could get a copy.
  6. Participate in contests: the developers have all sort of nice contests where you can win stuff. And the game.
  7. Offer to translate the game! Many devs are more than willing to give a copy of the game in exchange for a translation.

Bonus tips:

  1. Become a game tester (by hermitC)
  2. Become a games reviewer (by Andy)

Or just skip a few beers, spend that money in the game and you should be just fine.

Sober too.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Well, if you give me a beer I will give you the indie game “Power Of Defense”, hehe…

  2. 4 and 5 also work with software > $200. I gave a dozen free licenses of my previous software to fans who made youtube videos and pdf tutorials…

    I did 7 for a $120 software that tracks bugs and projects.
    Many indie shareware developers add that to their “language” page. Example: http://www.turborun.com/language/

  3. Agh, not the “a few pints of beer” thing again.

    What happens if (like me) you don’t drink? How am I supposed to afford indie games now?!!

    Actually my method is far more simplistic but far more time consuming: Become a games reviewer!

  4. Another way for getting a game for 0€: Become a tester.

    Be warned: You may loose your interest in the game because you become aware of its guts.

  5. :-)

    Skip a few beers or beg your parents. Well, if you are old enough for beer then I guess you are too old to beg your parents for a game.

    Nice post.

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