Rock, Paper Or Scissors?

My brother said that one of these 3 options is chosen more often than the others. I need to check this theory.

So, what will it be:

So, what will it be?

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15 thoughts on “Rock, Paper Or Scissors?

  1. Tobias Scheuer

    In germany it’s Schere Stein Papier (scissors rock paper) so maybe a different oder makes a difference? Don’t know… but it feels more probably to choose the last what you say.

    But anyhow, good to know this. I’ll choose paper next time (‘cuase the odds are that the other chooses rock)…

  2. Andy

    I think you should run this poll again in a few weeks, but change the order of the choices.

    See if it’s just option 1 that gets chosen the most perhaps?

  3. Juuso Post author

    81 votes total. Enough to call this conclusive? :)

    # Rock (46.0%, 37 Votes)
    # Paper (36.0%, 29 Votes)
    # Scissors (19.0%, 15 Votes)

  4. Fabio

    I said rock, because it is the first (even when we tell “rock, paper or scissor”). Not a very good argument, but makes sense to me…

  5. Temposaur

    Yeah, I figured also that Scissors would be the most popular, so I randomly selected from “the other two”.

    I bet looking at the stats the others thought so too.

  6. Greg Z

    Would guess rock would be the most popular since it requires no effort to form – your hand is already in the form of the rock, while you have to manipulate your hand to form the scissors or paper.

  7. archatas

    Scissors is the most complex figure of all of those so it’s likely to be the rarest. The other two are quite natural to human beings from their babyhood so the probability of appearance is about the same. :)


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