Me Goes Facebook (I Must Be Sheepy)

Yeh, I’m following the route of the 400 million other people. I have got my Facebook account done ages ago, but never really used it. Now started to check out what the buzz was all about.

Perhaps it makes some sense to be there: this is one of those “don’t judge things before experimenting them, judge them afterwards” experiment I’m conducting. We’ll see if Facebook is of any use.

With that said and done… Anybody want to be my friend?

P.S. I’ve yet to use the vanity url picking since evil Adrian Crook picked up *my* nick before I had the chance to rightfully claim it (damn you Adrian, damn you!!!) .

9 thoughts on “Me Goes Facebook (I Must Be Sheepy)

  1. Juuso Post author

    Please write something in those friend request if possible… or email me about it or something.

    If you have anything on “game dev” in your public bio, I’ll accept. :)

  2. Another Anonymous

    I’ve been following your blog for quite a while now and I enjoy reading it. Please keep it up!

    Friend request sent, too. The one from Switzerland :)

  3. Juuso Post author

    I wonder who this Anonymous is :)

    but I guarantee: I continue blogging here. I only can consider making automatic posting blog post announcements to my FB wall (similar to Twitter).

    @Tobias: nice outfit.. ;)

  4. Anonymous

    Friend request sent. I really hope though that you don’t stop blogging here… ’cause here I don’t miss things, whereas on facebook I surely will miss some things. Too many updates each day.

  5. Juuso Post author

    I dunno how FB works, but perhaps you need to be logged in for that link to work. Maybe. I don’t know how that bloody thing works :)


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