Okay… So What Am I Supposed To Do With Facebook?

Alright, so now I have some Facebook friends who can poke me. That’s of course very nice and everything… but could like somebody tell me how can game developers benefit from this platform?

Here’s some things on top of my head:

  • Creating Facebook applications and benefit from the viral aspect. Those into browser-based games can leverage the viral aspects of FB and can spam their friends. That’s “nice”.
  • As a “discussion forum” alternative. Instead of setting up big boards, one can create a game page in facebook and start creating a community around it.
  • Then… I can… uh. What else can I do?

How you use Facebook?

Here’s some more suggestions from you guys:

  • Use it to import RSS feed to my Facebook Notes (thanks Jerrac)
  • Great networking tool (according to Jake, thanks)
  • Events: you might get invited to events via Facebook. (thanks again Jake)

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @Brian: hell no I wanna meet those idiots ever again. Ehh. (I also hope that they won’t read this blog…)

    @Jake: aye. good points.

    @jtrencsenyi: uhh…

    @Tobias: Perhaps then try get those evangelists to sing your song…

    @Jerrac: Cool tip, thanks! Adding to the blog post…

  2. Twitter and Facebook are good for keeping in touch with friends and people in the industry – they are fantastic networking tools along with Linked In. I sometimes only get invited to events via Facebook that I may not have heard about otherwise. It helps to live in a city thriving with Game Devs of course. Also if you make a good FB game then you can easily make huge amounts of money a day (speaking from experience).

  3. You’re really missing out, Juuso. You’re supposed to find (or, better, be found) by your old classmates back in high school or college. You reconnect and talk via messages for a few days. Then you remember why you really didn’t care to stay in touch with this person and silently ignore them and hope they don’t start messaging you.

    It’s real fun! A similar experience every few weeks!

    (This example not based on personal experience.)

  4. Facebook is not of such great use, imho. I have found a few lost friends from years ago with facebook, and I get kept up to date from certain groups and users who I befriended, so I use it as sort of news channel.

    Some people use facebook like twitter and tell the world every single thing they have in their mind, which is mostly just noise, I think I never understood what good that should do?

    Well you can play games on facebook, which is just wasting your time and spamming your friends with facebook game stuff… something that I wouldn’t start to do now, as there are so many big games on facebook already.

  5. Generally I use it to keep track of what my friends are up to. They post status updates, I do the same. I also use it to post links to articles I like. Then there’s Castle Age. That’s a fun game. Eventually I want to create a Facebook game, but that’ll have to wait until I have more time. Also, you can link your blogs RSS feed to you Facebook Notes app. That way your blog posts will appear as notes to your Facebook friends.

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