Playstation 3 Game(s) Sure Can Be Pretty Expensive

I’m calculating that the decision to get NHL ’10 costs me around 1500-2000 euros or so.

Okay, the game package itself was around 50 euros. But then Playstation (Slim edition, cables, extra sixaxis etc. ectc.) throw in 400-500 eur. And then of course I need a bigger screen (those players are so tiny when watched here “far away” from sofa), so I’m looking into purchasing 40″+ LED television (after summer). Throw in another 1000-1500 euros or so.

So… purchasing NHL ’10 ends up costing me couple of thousand of euros.

Can somebody please explain me the rationale behind this? I don’t understand how my brain justifies this, but apparently it does.

10 thoughts on “Playstation 3 Game(s) Sure Can Be Pretty Expensive

  1. I got a 40″ LCD (not LED too much expensive) to play Fifa 10 with Xbox360 and I have played it for 3 times. My girlfriend monopolized TV. Heh at least I have still lot of time to work :)

  2. Like everything in life.

  3. yes agreed, it’s good research, but needs to be kept in balance with programming time.

  4. Actually, not. I first was thinking of adding that note… but then I thought that not everything is automatically “waste of time”. Having fun playing games (and demos) can be cool and actually help keep you familiar with what the current consoles can offer…

  5. I mean “game programming time”

  6. You forgot loss of game programming and thus earning potential which could be huge.

  7. @Fili: Yeh, but I sort of have no time to play anything else… ;)

  8. Well, the next game will only cost you 50 bucks.