Ditching Game Idea #2 (and #3), Trying The Next One

After doing some prototyping for the co-op stealth game idea and Prison Escape theme/remake, I’m end the prototyping for these. Co-op stealth is somewhat promising, but it might have the danger of becoming too puzzle like without enough variation. The Escape remake seemed like a fine idea for a single player game, but multiplayer turns out to be a slightly trickier beast to tackle.

In the end it boils down to this question that one of my earlier blog posts about multiplay made me think: would I want to play a game like this?

To be honest, I liked Thief solo-play but that was ages ago. The prison escape (spectrum version) was interesting (and definitely worth a remake), but I think it would not offer much replay value.

This lead me thinking: what have been the most memorable gaming experiences in my life? A pretty immediate answer was “traitor” based games: mafia/werewolf (social/party game, not a video game) and Battlestar Galactica (board game) have been so much fun.

This lead me to the next point: how could I bring this into a video game? Would it work?

Apparently it does, since after doing some research I noticed that Kane & Lynch 2 is having a certain type of multiplayer mode where there’s undercover cop infiltrating among the robbers. Half life mod Trouble in Terrorist Town is a mod that takes the werewolf game’s gameplay and somehow converts it into a video game. While there are certain issues with the gameplay, the mod is relatively fun to play.

So. I’m now prototyping this traitor game idea of mine. In a nutshell it’s about this:

  • 3-6 players (or more)
  • 0-2 of the players is a traitor, unknown to others. Only traitors (if any) know who the other traitors are.
  • The gameplay is about cooperation: with limited resources, the players try to survive day after day until the game ends. Meanwhile… the traitors try sabotage and reduce enough resources.

I’ve yet to decide a theme, but it might be about werewolves. For example, in a 4 player game 3 players are town guards while 1 player is the werewolf. The werewolf shape shifts during nights, attacking the village citizens, terrorizing the town. In day time, the werewolf is in human form and disguises as one of the guards.

Going forward with this.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Yeh, that’s the mod I’m talking about.

    It has certain gameplay “issues”:
    – Like death and you are out (that’s issue in the original werewolf party game as well).
    – It’s less strategic and more action oriented (not necessarily a bad one, but it changes the gameplay idea a bit)
    – Anyone can decide a “lynch”. Then they lose karma points if they shot the wrong guy. In “Who’s the Traitor” (card game) there’s similar mechanism and the game quickly degenerates into people just shooting around. Karma points keep things slightly cleaner in TTT mod, but thought to mention anyway.
    – Clearer “what to do” pointers, and no time to think: now the game is quite hectic where people really don’t have enough time to draw conclusions on things.

    On a good side it is an interesting how “body reaction” can be visible in a computer screen. You can learn quite a bit from just watching what the other player do and how they move. For example, innocents seem to be very suspicious, while traitors can turn their back easier… It’s also very exciting to play as a traitor in TTT. It has potential, and that $5k prize it very well deserves.

    And… this mod is more action oriented. I can do something slightly different. :)

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