What’s The Coolest Gadget You’ve Ever Bought (Is It Useful Too?)

And by “gadget” I mean anything from phones to televisions to adsl antennas to foldable keyboards.

I’m no gadget person, and need to think a bit before I can say if I’ve got any cool gadgets for myself. Laptop probably raises quite high. Not perhaps so ├╝ber cool, but at least useful. PS3 sixaxis controller uses bluetooth which is pretty cool (works much better than tv remote controller which need to be aimed to the boxes), pretty useless though. USB memory stick was cool at some point and has some use every now and then – but not really a cool cool thing anymore since everybody has those.

Damn. I think I don’t have cool gadgets lying around here. Mainly only boring useful stuff.

What about you?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Spectrum 48K in 1983. It was my first computer and I learned to program it and the rest is history :-)

  2. So… is Tobias and me the only boring guys here? O:)

    @Integer Man – how’s the Kindle screen for reading. I mean… can you read it if the room is dark. Or alternatively – can you read if the sun is shining. Is it as fast & usable to read from Kindle screen compared to reading from paper book. (I’ve always hated reading stuff from my computer screen, much much prefer paper versions of books)

  3. Gotta be the second generation Kindle. It:
    – Lets me instantly browse, search, and download books
    – Lets me carry all my books around
    – Acts as a 2 GB flash drive
    – Has e-ink for the cool factor
    – Is incredibly thin and portable
    – Has outstanding battery life
    – Remembers where I left off in any book
    – Allows me to highlight and annotate
    – No paper cuts!

    And on top of that, I can use a Kindle client for PC to read and search. Great for those technical books.

    Kindle definitely changed how I read and improved my reading speed since I don’t have to remember where I left off and page turning is less distracting than physical page turning (after practice – definitely not at first).

  4. I guess my netbook. More useful than cool really but I still think it’s cool :)

    Other than that, my Fang gamepad was a nice purchase for PC gaming.

  5. By leaps and bounds the most useful and fun gadget has been the iPhone. Second would be the Spaceball from 3dConnexion, a desktop controller for navigating in 3D apps like Max and Maya (I’ve owned two… they finally stopped updating the driver so I’ve recently replaced it with a SpaceExplorer by the same company). Third would be my Gerber, a multitool like the Leatherman, but you can extract the pliers with only one hand, very useful because you frequently have one hand on something that needs tightening, and the other can remove the tool from your belt, extract the pliers, and start tightening… all in a quick gesture. I’ve be using the same one since my previous life as an assistant photographer on photo sets.

  6. The coolest gadget I own (and use) is called an Octopus – a kind of swiss-army-knife form factor but with only Allen keys and screwdrivers.

  7. My bluetooth mouse was one of the simplest, yet most useful gadgets I ever got. Plus it was a gift which is double-plus good!

  8. Does a CNC router count as a gadget? Or a high-power laser (one with water cooling and insane current requests)? If not, then my iPhone. If you hate iPhones, then my coolest gadget is my Canon 500D camera :)

  9. Does a high powered laser count?

    (note: I’m not one of those idiots that points it at people, planes, etc)

  10. I second that, though the iPad is a close second.

    I also like my Leatherman. It’s very handy.

  11. I can’t decide. Maybe the iPad (games looks and feel great. The last time i feel this sensation was with Wii) or the Olympus EP-1 camera.

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