Do You Own More Game Development Creation Software Than You’ve Finished (Developed) Games?

By “game development creation software” I mean any tools that can be created a fully working game. For example, “GameMaker” or “Blitz3D” counts, “Ogre lib” or “Raknet lib” does not. By “Finished (Developed) Games” I mean game projects where you at least participated developed a game that was finished.

So, let’s here see some votes.

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And what does the result tells about us game developers?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I counted only active tools which I use daily for game development, and came to the conclusion that I have made more games than I have tools :)

    So far I’m happy with a quite small set of tools: GIMP, Blender, 3D World Studio, Ultimate Unwrap 3D Pro, WavePad, Cubase Studio, Leadwerks Engine, Visual Studio 2008 C++.

    I can’t imagine what other tools I would really need for making games.

  2. True, the counting can be somewhat tricky. :) I think I have more tools (blitz3d, blitzmax, gamemaker, … and tons of more. :))

  3. Interesting, no one mentioned 3ds max. Does this mean that most of the games you guys are working on are 2D, or that you are using models that you buy online?
    For me: vs2008, xcode, 3ds max + exporter plugin, photoshop + converter to PVRTC, 2D sprite editor, text converter (from .ODS to binary), various config parsers/converers (from text to binary).
    Most of the tools I’m using is written by me in Java so that it’s portable on win32 and mac. I’m not using linux for development because i don’t need to.

  4. I have Games Factory, Game Maker, 3d Game Maker, Unity and currently learning Blender Game Engine.

    GM & 3d GM have sample games made for school projects. Unity and BGE are in process. Most game I have finished on are for Flash.

  5. Wasn’t sure how to vote because I’ve no all-in-one game dev solution like Game Maker or Blitz-stuff. Finally MS Visual Studio, GIMP and Audacity alone outnumber my single finished game.

  6. UDK + A bunch of programs for the 2D/3D game stuff.
    Writing minor code in notepad now, will need to get some better software for that soon. Plus some king of build version control software.
    Together that would be close to 10.

    Versus 7 or so games I worked on that went gold.

  7. Do compilers count? Really? I would suggest they don’t count, because even if they are tools and used for game development, they are much more general purpose.

  8. I have Game Maker, Dark Basic Pro and FPS Creator. So far I haven’t released any “real” games with any of these. A few demos however. The future is brighter I hope :)

  9. The question is how far back should we go? For example I have some DOS-based compilers that I made unfinished games in :-)

    As for modern compilers I have 5 (2x Blitz, Flex, Game Maker, VS 2008 … although Game Maker is really for my son). And complete games = 11+, so the ratio is 2.2 complete games to compilers.

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