Indies Need to Pay Attention When Somebody Says: “[Insert Platform Here] Market Is Dead/Crowded/Saturated”

Have you heard any of the following statements:

  • “PC gaming is dying”
  • “iPhone app market is saturated”
  • “Casual games market is too crowded”

I bet you have.

When I start thinking these statements, I feel that indies (those brave solo wolves that travel the snowy mountains without hope to see anything to eat, figuratively speaking) need to pay attention. The indie developers, when they hear “something is dying/crowded/saturated – no point trying going there any more” they know that now it’s the time to consider this market. (If the statement is really true)

Let’s pretend for example that “PC gaming is dying”it’s not, but let’s pretend it would be). Then it would suggest that Big Corporations will stop doing stuff for this platform. Wouldn’t that be a totally good news for indies then? More room for indies. Better start making PC games then eh?

iPhone app market saturated? Well, couldn’t this mean that the clone wars have been started and everybody is doing the same fart applications? I’d say an innovative approach and good marketing could do wonders. Pricing premium for your game (when others are thinking of lowering their game prices due tough competition) might do wonders.

Wherever there’s a dead corpse, vultures will do just fine.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Honestly, the market is saturated. The gold rush is over, and now people are fighting for that 1oz piece of gold floating in the stream. As an indie developer, there are just way too many apps in the market now. In about 1-2 years, there will be over 1 million apps. DOT COM BUST anyone?

  2. “build something fun and people will come and play it”

    That doesn’t quite work like that I’m afraid … Of course those who will say that are probably successful so it would probably mean that anyone who isn’t is just making bad games? Then what to think of games people “generally” agree they are bad but still have plenty of people playing them …

    There’s much more needed than just having a good game. Knowing the right people, good timing, ability to get you noticed …

    Oh and be careful about what you read on indiegamer. The ability to post on a forum doesn’t make the words you type to be true ;)

  3. I don’t think the iPhone market is saturated, there is always room for quality. Same situations for PC games. I once read on indiegamer forum: “build something fun and people will come and play it”. This is not an excuse to avoid marketing tasks, but that’s just a cool fact of creating games: customers are inherently attracted by the products.

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