Guess Spam, Win Beer (24 Hour Competition)

I’ve been blogging about 5ish years now and there’s quite of bit of spam that Akismet has helped bury for this blog. Now I’ll present a competition (bit like we had at 2006). There is 2 pints to be given as prizes. 3rd one I drink myself. One pint goes for the winner who guesses closest here in the blog comments, one for the twitter guesses (read more for the detailed instructions).

Next step: Guess how many spam comments my blog has received so far

  • Make a comment in this blog post, announcing your guess.
  • Make a tweet about this blog post, including your guess (and a link to this post: http://bit.ly/bLVTJE < -- the link needs to be exactly this).

You are allowed to make 2 guesses, one here on the gameproducer.net blog comments, and another one by using twitter.

Winners will be the guys who answers the closest by (1) commenting to this blog post and (2) by tweeting your guess + a link to this blog post.

Winners will receive a pint of Guinness. (And of course if you happen to guess closest in both mediums, you win 2 pints).

If you don’t drink beer… then tough luck.

Let the wild guess contest begin!

(The contest ends after 24ish hours – the moment I close the blog comments)

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. 3650

    Well my second guess would be 520 but I don’t tweet and then it depends where your blog is hosted.

    But now shouldn’t you be holding a competition on who is going to win the Football worldcup? Since Ghana just sent the US home and there’s an African team left – we in South Africa are very happy! And the count for spam in the soccer worldcup is ONE. There was a little incident of some Dutch women in orange mini skirts sponsored by some beer – which I strongly object to only because there were no skimpily dressed men!!

  2. Funny how twitter is “over capacity” the moment I announce a spam contest…

    by the way, added the exact link you need to put in the tweet: http://bit.ly/bLVTJE (otherwise I have no way to see your guess)

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