Spam Contest Winner

The spam contest is over and the correct answer is: 116,109

The closest Twitter answer at the moment seems to go to wagenheimer. He guessed the same number as stuartF16, but since wagenheimer guessed an hour earlier, he goes lead.

Twitter says “Older tweets are temporarily unavailable” so I’ll wait a bit before announce the Twitter winner.

Here on the blog comments, the winner is Saad – one pint coming right up. (In case I messed up my count, I’m giving an additional beer to the guy who can prove a real blog comments winner. I think it’s correct).

Congratulations to winners and thanks everybody for participating.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. You are free to come here to enjoy the drink. :)

    I’ll just send it in a plastic bottle. Right?

  2. I won! =P

    Oh… what a thirst!

    But how will I receive my prize? I’m from Brazil!

    I will win the passages to go there to drink with you and talk about casual games? :P

  3. Really? That low? I’m kind of surprised. As I said, my blog has had to deal with over a million spams.

    I guess you’re just not popular enough to spam, Juuso. :)

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