Have You Decorated Your Coding Environment?

For the last 10 years or so I’ve never cared how my coding environment looks: all I’ve needed is table for computer and something to sit on. Today, since I have this mini-office, I want to make it look nice. I have this tiny room and I’m planning to paint one wall orange (something like this orange, maybe somewhat less-red though). I’ve never painted anything indoors (except miniature figures), but having one big orange wall and one big orange carpet (at least big when compared to the room size) should make this room look a tiny bit more inspiring.

I’d also want more light, since currently this room is 70% underground and has only tiny window (which happens to have the sort of glass that somehow manages to keep the light outside), but at summertime it feels bit silly to even consider keeping the lights on. I did research for “self glowing paint” but the green alien colored paint looks too sci-fi for my taste.

Anyway, with orange wall paint, some paintings on the wall (note to self: I gotta do some game art and print that stuff in the wall too!) and things should look more fun.

Do you care about your coding environment? Are you doing something to ensure it’s inspiring and fun place? Or does it matter at all?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Yeh, I’d only cover one wall with orange. Every other walls remain white (the room is pretty white and looks like a graveyard or something, so a little bit of color might do good). Also, the room is pretty dark so… (poor lighting)

    Some sort of yellow (orangish, not sun-yellow) might do.

    P.S. Oh, and that’s a pretty nice color in that pic. I might like that :)

  2. Green is nice. We have green in the kitchen and also planned for livingroom so I thought to try something different.

    Was also planning on taking some pics from my game stuff and framing those.

  3. Green, it is relaxing. And plaques from games I’ve worked on. They’re inspiring.

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