Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I’ll never get tired of zombies. There are still a lot of game options to explore :) Btw, we are making [another]one zombie game around here.

  2. Bored of all the zombie games :( The only one I still like is Plants vs Zombies.

  3. (@MC: Except that you cannot kill black zombies – remember Resident Evil 5?)

  4. killing zombies is the politically correct way of killing humans in videogames… that’s why you see a lot of zombie games out there… if you kill regular humans, then “it’s too violent”

  5. I voted for them being overdone although in some games I think they can be a nice addition. It’s just that way to many games try incorporating them nowadays and it’s been played out for awhile now.

  6. heh, anything ‘undead’ has been done to death. It’s boring and cliche. Which means that it takes a really unique and well done take on the concept to be any good.

  7. Heh, vote “good good” then – “there can never be enough zombies” sort of suggests that too. Sort of. :)

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