What’s The Coolest Gadget You’ve Ever Bought (Is It Useful Too?)

And by “gadget” I mean anything from phones to televisions to adsl antennas to foldable keyboards.

I’m no gadget person, and need to think a bit before I can say if I’ve got any cool gadgets for myself. Laptop probably raises quite high. Not perhaps so ├╝ber cool, but at least useful. PS3 sixaxis controller uses bluetooth which is pretty cool (works much better than tv remote controller which need to be aimed to the boxes), pretty useless though. USB memory stick was cool at some point and has some use every now and then – but not really a cool cool thing anymore since everybody has those.

Damn. I think I don’t have cool gadgets lying around here. Mainly only boring useful stuff.

What about you?

Target Market: Me

I’ve come through marketing in university studies and have some experience in online marketing world (this blog being perhaps the most visible thing done so far), and in the gaming side I’ve written some marketing plans like this one, yet there’s just one thing that’s problematic with these fancy looking business plans.

They are fancy looking business plans.

I sort of like to take a totally different approach in this. First I define the target market, which is me.

Then I do stuff that I like (online multiplayer, traitor game), thinking of what kind of stuff I’ve bought (I’ve spend money on downloadable games, but not a cent on browser games – so it sort of makes sense to try out with downloadable ones).

It also helps in gameplay decisions. I keep asking myself: what do I like?

Might sound arrogant and selfish, and it might feel like I don’t want feedback from others but I see this actually to be quite the opposite… well, at least from the arrogant part. Is it selfish? Hell yeh, but that’s the reason why I’m doing this stuff. I want to have fun. And when I’m having fun… chances are that others might find my gaming stuff fun as well.

Is it arrogant to do what I like? I think not. I’m still receptive to ideas (after all I like getting feedback), but I simply want to stay in control. It’s like in the Dead Wake development. One guy suggested rocket launchers and lasers in the game. I said “No. Never going to happen.” I didn’t like those rocket launchers and they certainly would not have fit in the gameplay. Good ideas that fit the game, these are more than welcome.

When I’m thinking myself as the customer, many questions become easier to answer.