Syncing Passwords?

I’m using Dropbox for syncing certain stuff between machines, but I wonder what kind of systems you guys use to get access to passwords while on different computers? What about mobile phones that nowadays are more like mini-computers in many ways (except my cellphone, which resembles ancient tombstone or something).

I’ve been asking for network backup drive, which potentially could help in this issue, but thought to ask anyway in case you guys already have good solutions on this.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I use an enctypted onenote notebook to store password and use dropbox to sync them.

  2. I use keepass synced via dropbox. Nice and simple and accessible from anywhere in the world. I also keep other secure things in there too that I may need. I use this on Win, Mac across 3 home computers and 2 work ones

  3. I’m using XMarks, but only for bookmarks. All the passwords are stored in my head and nobody can access them! Sometimes not even me :P

  4. I use Opera’s built in Opera Link feature to sync like bookmarks and stuff, but it doesn’t look like it does passwords. Personally I just remember all of my passwords, I’ve never liked automatic password remembering stuff. However, I do use an encrypted OneNote notebook for some passwords, and those can be synced (Very well I might add.)

  5. For passwords I use lastpass, (http://lastpass.com). Nothing leaves you computer unencrypted, you can access it from anywhere, there are plugins for all major browsers, and a portable version you can run from a thumb drive to look them up when you’re on a computer where you don’t want to install them. It has simplified my life greatly.

  6. I’ve used RoboForm for the past two years. Works for my needs, has synching abilities, updated often.

  7. +1 for Xmarks.
    I use it to sync stuff between browsers and computers, can’t recommend it enought :-)

  8. I use 1Password in this case. You can store nearly any information in there, including Website Logins, Accounts (Mail, computer, etc.), Identities, Software Keys, Notes and even Credit Card Information and Bank Accounts.

    I only use it on Mac and iPhone, where it can be synced via WiFi, but there is also a Windows Public Beta available.

    They recommend Dropbox for syncing between different computers. As they are encrypting the Keychain File with 128 bit AES, the data should be safe.

    The developer is Agile Web Solutions (http://www.agilewebsolutions.com), but http://www.1password.com also works.

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