Huge Progress Yesterday (Didn’t Write a Line of Code)

Yesterday, I worked on The Infected traitor game design document and the “bare bones plan”. Earlier I had about a dozen different documents about gameplay, networking code, design ideas, some links, todos and everything. I had several documents since I was just using these files to write my things down, unorganized.

Yesterday I organized my thoughts, wrote a plan and made a clearer looking design document. I keep it bloody simple, and definitely don’t mark everything possible in the doc, only the essentials. Writing down this thing made everything so much clearer to me. I have a very clear idea about the upcoming next steps and things I plan to finish in the upcoming couple of weeks (guesstimation, I have no written-in-stone schedules). It also helped me thing about IGF submission and what I might be able to provide there.

I made huge progress yesterday. Didn’t write a single line of code. Just draw the route to the goal.

Now I’m running towards it.


Juuso Hietalahti