Here’s How iPhone 4 Can Increase Your Productivity (Even When You Don’t Own It)

2 Easy step (you’ll save tons of time and can be much more productive if you do this):

  • Stop reading blog posts, flame wars, comments, reviews, expert opinions, consumer reports, apple blog or anything that even hints anything about iPhone 4.
  • Stop laughing at the issues they are having and mocking/defending iPhone (it doesn’t get you anywhere and just proves you are jealous/sheep). If you aren’t jealous, then let the god damn machine do what it does – it doesn’t hurt you. If you keep defending, you are a sheep. Wolves don’t defend. They eat the sheeps at night time and poo on farmers land. (Not really certain where this analogy is going, but the point is – there’s no point in trying to defend iPhone).

Laughing at iPhone (when you don’t even own the bloody thing) does you no good. What you try to prove? That Apple was wrong? Check the Apple stocks rating and revenues – they happen to know quite a bit of this biz thing, so maybe we should just shut up.

Defending iPhone is waste of time. If you know it’s a good piece of work, you can – you know – like focus on using it. Everybody and their mom knows that there’s flaws/inconveniences in iPhone (like what product wouldn’t have?). You know it too. There’s no point trying to deny something that exists or try the “it’s not a bug, it’s a feature” approach. I’ve been coding stuff for ages. Some more buggy than other. Denying this is like eating my own leg. And wolves don’t do that (except when they are really hungry).

Anyone commenting in this blog post mentioning word “but”, “my iPhone” or “you realize that..” or anything similar deserves a large trout slap.

(I trust you guys to get your trouts ready.)

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Maybe some examples will help? :)

    1) First we had bottled water in Finland and it was commercial and bad because the bacteria literally grew when the water was standing still for days and weeks. Then we invented free water from the tap, it was much better and healthier.

    2) You can spend a lot of money on commercial OSs like Windows, OS/2, OSX, etc…, but you get a much better OSs for free: Linux or NetBSD.

    3) You can spend a lot of money for holiday vacation by travelling to some public holiday places, but you can get a much better holiday place for free when you travel to the free wilderness of Finland: No tourists, no queues, no stress, and you can even drink from the lake since the water is so clean.

  2. Making money nowadays with something usually means that the product is technically so bad, that the only thing it is good for is to market and sell it. Technically good products are usually free and open source, or are at least indie class priced.

  3. I agree completely!
    Whether a device is good or not is completely arbitrary and is a personal decision. It doesn’t matter if you think it’s bad or good, it’s your choice and people should respect that.

  4. Your article assumes that it is better to be a wolf than a sheep…
    Is it always true?

  5. In my opinion we must always filter what to read to be more productive. It´s critical. Actually I need to filter better what I´m reading and talking.

    By the way, I would like to say that my Ipod… :D

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