When Was The Last Time You Donated Some Money?

About close to 28 years of my life I’ve not donated money to software stuff. Within the last year, I’ve started giving small tips to people ($10). For example, recently I activated WP Super Cache and decided to donate to the chap. I saw some great stuff & got some great feedback from some people at couple of pixel forums and donated there too. I only put like 10 bucks or whatever – not a huge sum of money – but enough to make me (and quite possibly the other party too) feel good.

I feel I’m somehow supporting the whole gaming (and any related) industry by putting some donuts to work.

So, when was the last time you donated something to people (who are in this gaming industry doing good stuff)?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I’ve extensively used Farseer Physics in my game targetting xbox. None of the Farseer dev team owned an xbox, which meant they’d never really experienced the terrible GC issues that the .Net compact FX is plagued by. They had a donate link on the website so I suggested a “buy genbox an xbox” fund and pledged $50. It was really heartwarming to see people rally around and help with cash before their projects were even released. That library has been worth so much more to me than $50, especially since I started out thinking I might roll my own 2d physics engine (worst idea ever!).

  2. Yes Juuso :) It’s always cool when David beat Goliath! And I see more humanity and meaning in Cliff answer, than in the dumb attack from the Epic guy. Sometimes you can say “f**k off” and be smart at the same time…

    About Open Source libraries that I use, I will consider donating once I earn a lot of money with my games. That would be fair. But that’s different from a donation to a game developer or to anyone who is doing something that you do not use/play.

  3. I intend to buy Total Commander because I’ve been using the shareware version for a few years :)
    I don’t donate money to software, but I buy games that I like. I get my games from torrents, check them out and if I play more than 5 minutes, I go and buy it, especially if I can find it on Steam or in a nice box… Think it as a “demo” version :)

  4. I dropped some money for Irfan View and Spybot last year. The fact that I’m a starving developer I’m not donating anything at the moment.

    Time will come when €€€ start rolling in. When they cover my basic expenses I’m going to give away some money for software. SFML will be the first in line.

  5. you buy cliff’s game because he said somebody to f**k off? ;)

    donating/sponsoring/funding/pledging/buying – call it as you please, as long as it means “money goes from your pocket to somewhere else”. you’ve used any open source libraries? those devs ask for donations.

    it’s cool that you support French scene. That’s really cool.

  6. Donate? For gaming?! Never. I donate for hunger in the world, haiti earthquake, asian tsunami, etc. For gaming, the best I can do is *sponsoring* by purchasing stuff I will not play very much. For example: I buy every game from an indie team here in France called “exkee”. I did that for many smaller team or bigger companies. My only requirement is: “be french” :)
    I also buy things when I like what the developer represents and how he shares things to the world. Example: I will certainly buy gratuitous space battles because of this post:
    But that’s not donating, that’s “supporting”.

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