Here’s How I Use Twitter (All My Tweets Are Belong To You)

First, a gentle reminder: whenever I create a new blog post here, a tweet will be created in Twitter. Basically meaning: if you want to get notified about new blog posts, follow me.

It’s strange how things change. When I first started this whole twitter thing, I was like thinking “whadda hell is wrong in the world – people follow other people talking about useless shite”. In some extent it’s still worth thinking that (whenever you see tweets like “going to take a shower”, “took a shover”, “gotta eat something”, “ate something” and so on).

Here’s how I use Twitter:

  • I use Tweetdeck client. It (or some other client) is a must. Otherwise Twitter makes no sense. You absolutely definitely most positively need to have a client. Get one.
  • I do my best to think of the followers: When I do a tweet, I try (and usually do) think if the tweet is worth to do. Right now I feel that Twitter makes it almost too easy to spam people, so I’m thinking that’s it a good thing to try reduce the noise. Of course people have different interests, so naturally we cannot please everybody all the time. Anyways, I try post quality stuff there.
  • I announce new blog posts: whenever I write new stuff in my blog, an automatic tweet is sent. I use a wordpress plugin called Twitter Tools, which is simply excellent.
  • I also retweet some stuff I find interesting: Not so much, but something. Something I feel it’s worth re-sharing.
  • I tweet some fun/cool/interesting/crazy stuff that’s too little for blogging: I don’t do this so much, but if I see some fun pic or hear some cool stuff (or simply have an interesting dilemma), I just might create a tweet about it.
  • I follow bunch of industry people: I keep my follow list less than 100. I get all the news I need and will stay in touch with indie gaming scene.
  • I keep in touch with people: Twitter is easy thing to use for sending messages to people around the globe. It’s easy to create that tiny message and approach people. It’s good for networking.

Those are my main reasons for having a my Twitter account. You have some other “best practices” to add to this list? How you use Twitter?

And if you are not using Twitter, care to share why not?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Russell, I don’t use lists right now, but I would believe them to be useful for categorizing tweets (not really so familiar with them).

  2. Tweetdeck is wonderful. I actually keep three different Twitter accounts: one for work, one for my blog, and one for personal stuff. Tweetdeck makes keeping up with three accounts a breeze.

    And some of you may remember I was very opposed to Twitter about this time last year, and voiced that here. I stand corrected. I could not function as efficiently without it.

    Juuso, do you use lists? I haven’t used this feature yet in Twitter, but intend to figure it out soon.

  3. Glad you finally saw the light :-) Twitter is particularly good in a city where you can meet up with lots of other people – basically take the social aspects offline into reality.

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