New Digg

Digg is doing an update – a pretty good one. What I understood is that you get to list cool stories that have been dugg by your buddies (be they digg friends or facebook pals or twitter folks).

Currently testing to put my RSS feed there to be digged automatically. And if you want to promote your blog, I recommend you do the same. Here’s my verification key: 0913f1b25e884624b21c268f5ad961db (feel free to ignore this, digg just seems to want this – you cannot do anything with this key. Sorry).

Update: Basically, to set this thing go to Go to “settings > import feed” and then type your RSS url in the (mine happened to be http://www.gameproducer.net/feed/). Then make a blog post or add comment with the verification key, and wait 1 or 2 days… mine just got verified.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. (Goddamn digg… won’t accept this key. Damn you!)

    Testing again:

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