Sixth Golden Rule For New Indies

I just read the five golden rules for new indies from winterwolves blog.

I’m adding sixth one:

6. finish your game
By finishing games, one learns how to finish games. That’s a crucial thing in this industry. It’s okay to prototype and it’s even okay to drop projects, but if you follow the fifth rule (“no epic projects”) then you should also focus on this rule.

What’s the next golden rule in your opinion?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Yeah except the follow up would be MASSIVE. Perhaps one post for each step. The thing is, as I said on Tuesday when I did a speech version of the blog post to 60 Indies, I can’t tell you how to go from step to step because it’s unique to you, your skillset, your chosen platform and the resources at your disposal. Plus there’s lots of material already out there about how to do the various stages. The important thing is to realise where you are at now so you can plan how to reach the next step. Too many people try to go from step 1 to step 6 via an MMO :-)

  2. (I’ve read that earlier – was good, thanks)

    you also need to write the followup, sort of “how to” version ;)

  3. @jake: link please (I’ve read it thouhg) :)

    @bittman: some guy once said that you should “finish your game and make it bit less shitty than your previous project” – or something along those lines. I like that attitude. Beats the “I’ll cancel this project, and the NEXT project will be a killer” ;)

    @lumooja: excellent comment.

    everybody re-read lumooja’s comment’s first paragraph.

  4. This is already partially covered in those earlier points, but as an Indie, you should make indie style games. Forget about what everyone else does, and do the exact opposite, or something which only you do.

    I saw yesterday an indie movie, which was way better than most 80 million dollar movies, and it has no special effects and assets whatsoever, it was just a group of scientists and one man from earth talking in a living room. But it was fun, interesting, and I enjoyed every second of it.

    Also in indie music, where Zooey Deschantes sings “Dream a little dream of me” without any instruments live in front of an audience, that song goes to the bones.

    A good example of indie style game is Armadillo, also quite simple, not much assets, but damn fun and interesting to play. It was so fun that I just had to buy it, and I never buy “indie” games else (unless they ar true indie games, like this one).

    That’s how indie style productions should be.

  5. More like, finish games to the level they should be finished (somebody did a GDC rant about this but I’ve lost the link).

    I mean, is it finished if it’s released on PC, or is it finished if it’s submitted to digital distribution? Is it finished after you port it across 3 consoles? Etc.

    As for my golden rule, well I’d scrap all 6 and just have the one: make games. That’s the golden rule, the 5 mentioned in the article are like…silver rules.

  6. Your rule 6 is my 3rd step in “the 6 steps to massive success”: Make a Complete Free game. The next step is Make a Commercial game. Did that speech last night at the Vancouver Indie Summer Meetup (60+ people!) and it went down well.

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