Some More Random Pixel Art

Here’s some more pixel art from me. I did these a week or two back, for learning purposes.

Presumably showing these things in my blog has some effect, since friend of mine wanted to hire me for some pixel art stuff. (Talk about not having multiple projects…)

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @Ray: I found it terribly difficult to try 16×16 art – I cannot understand how some people manage to get all the details for so tiny area. My 16×16 stuff looks like pile of pixels. 32 was decent and 64 helped me to draw stuff :P

    about dithering: yeh I know… it’s just so fun effect that I cannot help myself :P thanks.

    I have checked Derek’s tutorial 2-3 times. Might check once more. ;)

  2. My usual comments for anyone learning to pick up pixel art is to start small. Something like a 32×32, or even 16×16 “RPG” or “Platformer” character seems to be the best for me. Bigger means more time working on fine details, and you probably not want too many 64×64 size characters in your game :)

    Also, there seems to be a little too much of what we call dithering. It’s the dots you used to blend the shades, which is usually used to portray a rough or dirty surface. I’d advise to avoid those for a start and comes back to it when you start to get better.

    You should check out Derek Yu’s tutorial. Really helpful.

    Oh, hope I don’t sound to harsh. I thought it looked quite nice for a start, but thought I just point out what I see.

  3. Yeh, the first one lighting isn’t so good. More contrast, and also the first sketch was somewhat failed.

    I really liked the second one’s color choices and the coloring also went slightly better.

    I realize that there’s probably too much dithering used, and also there’s black lines that make the form. Getting rid of those black lines has turned out to be quite a challenge for me :)

  4. The second one is ok, you can see what it is. The first is kind of ugly because it isn’t very clear what it is and what’s the purpose. It needs more contrast around the important areas. The second one has the arms closer to the viewer (and lighted) while the legs are farther away (and shaded). The first one doesn’t have depth info…

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