What Platforms Are You Targeting?

Nowdays there’s tons of different opportunities for indies. What platform are you targeting? PC? Mac? iPhone? Ipad? Android? Xbox? Facebook? Browsers?If this poll is missing any answer options, please let me know and I’ll add them there.

Pick the ones you are currently getting your games.

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Juuso Hietalahti


  1. There’s a difference between targeting (e.g. possibly just “dreaming”) and: have actually released on a platform, and have builds for other platforms in progress. In the pole I ticked actual platforms, and then I ticked XBox for dreaming :-)

  2. This is something that I’m stuck on. Each has their own pros and cons, quite hard to decide! I need to get each of them down to a comparison chart or something.

  3. Lumooja: you and 7 others experienced this but won’t change it anymore now. Your comment has been heard :)

  4. Your poll doesn’t let me put all my votes into one option :)
    And I got originally also only 1 vote option and can’t vote again.

  5. We are working on a casual game for Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad with Facebook integration.

  6. We are actively developing PC and Linux (So I choose those) but we’re designing our game so a Mac Port should be near effortless, and Android/iPhone are being kept in mind.

  7. All of them!!! Muahahahaha!! (…except social).

    Your poll doesn’t want to let me pick more than 1 btw.

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