Android Games App Portal? (Anyone Know Android App Sales Info?)

Any idea where Android App sales are heading to? Yesterday’s poll about Android development got surprisingly high numbers.

Android phones were selling faster than iPhones (at least before iPhone 4.0, not sure what’s the newest numbers).

Anyone smelling potential for Android Games (only) App portal? (I am, although I bet there already are portals like that)

Just thinking out loud.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Gameloft really dropped the Android platform for two reasons:
    -not enough sales
    -a lot of devices, all different, need testing separately, increase development time, not worth it
    Also the company that I work for considers Android as an additional platform, not a main one. The games are developed for iPhone and ported to Android, when possible.
    The sales are very low and the development is absolutely dumb. If you want to make a game in C++ you have to use NDK. If you want to play a sound, you have to make a call from C to Java, instructing it to play. But surprise, Java makes a call to a low-level C routine, instructing it to play. But you’re not allowed to call directly the low-level C from your C…
    If you really want to target Android, go for 2.1 (Motorola Droid, Google Nexus One, Samsung Galaxy S). They have the same resolution, same hardware and are almost as fast as the iPhone 3GS when rendering 3D.

  2. I suppose this android app portal might fall in to my list of “top worst ideas” …

  3. Market mobile interface update is in works and I think will be released with Android 3.0 (end of 2010). There was also some pictures of new web interface of Market in one of the presentations in last Google I/O conference. No schedule was announced yet. :/

    Paid apps of Market have been available only few countries for long time. Google is working on enabling carrier billing of Android apps and should roll out paid apps with local carriers within this year (hopefully).

  4. There was an old news about Gameloft dropping their Android development because they did not make any profit from their games.

    I dont belive that Android app sales will be such a goldmine like Aplle was few years back. Unity invested their time an money for Android so it seems that they belive that there could be possible to make profit from games.

    Who knows… Only time will tell :D

  5. @mikeful: well for one: their user interface is … lacking a bit :)

    btw, I’ve heard rumours that android apps sell very little compared to iphone versions. Any data on this?

  6. There is already official Android Market. I don’t see any additional benefits from portals.

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