StarCraft 2 – What You Think of Sequels?

StarCraft 1 was one of the old RTS games that I really liked to try. It was one of the first real time strategy games where the units on each side were totally different. Now, several years later – I’m most keen to know what new will they bring? Is it “good old same Starcraft with new spicy flavor” or have they invented something radically new.

One thing is new for sure: their ad made me wonder if this was some sort of new RPG game:

Not suggesting that there wouldn’t be anything wrong with doing games in that style. What you think? Is this the way AAA studios handle things: put better graphics and add something new in the game? (I guess that’s pretty much how games are often done in other markets as well, so cannot point finger to AAA alone).

How you think sequels should be done?

Notice: I haven’t tested Starcraft 2 so I have no clue if it’s a good game or not. Just basing my views on what I’ve read from their features list, what I saw in videos… and plenty of guesswork.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I’ve been waiting for SC2 almost half of my life. And it really is very good. I played the pirate version, then bought the regular game, now I’m looking for a collector’s edition, maybe I can get my hands on one Monday…
    Well, a sequel is the old game with better graphics and some new stuff. The only problem is the balance: If it’s too much new stuff it’s not a sequel, it’s a new game. If it’s not enough new stuff, it’s an add-on, not a sequel…

  2. Just read review from Finnish gaming magazine and they gave good score, mentioning how polished the game is.

    They also mentioned that SC2 development costs were 100 millions (without any marketing costs involved) which is the biggest sum in the history of videogames. In South-Korea SC2 is bit like a freaking national sports with leagues and farm teams and everything.

    I suppose SC2 probably going to sell tons. I have no objections if it would – I liked SC1 for being different. :)

  3. So far enjoying it…will have a review out in the next few days :D

    So far the best thing about this are the dynamic levels, but can’t really say too much without spoilers!

  4. well from what I have seen from the demo’s from you tube this does. Star craft 1 was great this could be one of the best games out there. but i can confirm this until i try the game myself.

  5. I’ve enjoyed it a lot. I like how they have speed up the pace, and fixed some of the end game problem that made games drag on.

  6. imo, if you play a sequel, you expect to find the same flavor with some improvements, but not something radical that would be a different game disguised as the sequel

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