First Board Game That Felt Like Video Game (Space Alert, Anyone?)

I bought a board game called Space Alert and there’s one thing that made the game feel bit like a video game. Realtime cooperation under a deadline.

In Space Alert, you have a crew of people (players) protecting a space ship and keeping things running. In the game session, you also need a CD player since mission info is played on CD. Each mission lasts exactly 10 minutes. It was strange how using real time (typical for video games) aspect in turn-based environment (typical for board games) turned the whole thing upside down. Since there is a time limit and new unexpected things happened, it felt much more like I was playing a video game rather than a board game.

Kind of works as an example that thinking outside the box and loaning a thing or two here and there can make gameplay totally different.

Juuso Hietalahti

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