What Kind of View You Have?

When you look outside from your office room, what’s the view like? Do you like your current view? Hate it?

Don’t have a window?

When we bought this apartment, my office moved to downstairs. The space is bit like a bunker with a tiny window that doesn’t let much light come in… and I sort of dislike this. Okay, after I start working, it takes like 2 minutes and I’m totally concentrating on work… and from that on I don’t even know if there’s lights or not in the room.

But on times like for example now when I’m upstairs and typing this thing using laptop I remember how dark basement type of office I have.

I don’t know how the view might affect one’s motivation to work, but I’ve been looking the that living room corner (there’s a spot for extra computer here you know) in similar manner as that one creature from Middle Earth who kept saying “my precious”.

But… I dunno. It would mean extra caveman work you know.

Enough of my view.

How’s the view outside your office? Looking good? Do you think the view somehow affects your motivation?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @russell: looks great.

    @fili: very good catch on temperature. view and noise go without saying, but yeh – definitely gotta have proper temperature. There has been like 40+ days when temperature got over 25 celcius here in Finland this summer (often time it was 30 or more, hot as in hell). In those times I was very pleased to have my office below the ground level – the temperature was always just fine.

    @merc-ai: poetic

  2. For work, I need enough lights and a window to glance to. Good for eyes, and generally cool.

    At home (where most of my personal projects happen) I’ve got a window with the view of the sky in front of me. Seeing the sky in all its beauty really helps with the mood, and the mood helps with doing things in general – including game development.

  3. I don’t quite care about the amount of free space around me. I’ve worked in a little box, I’ve worked in 1000 sq meters (10000 sq feet) open space. Each has it’s advantages.
    The only things that affects me are the temperature (I don’t like coding with gloves in my hands and I don’t like to sweat like a pig) and the lights (I can’t look at a bright monitor in complete darkness).
    Usually all the places I’ve worked have window blinds, so I don’t have a view.

  4. I’m very affected by the amount of natural light in my workspace… I tend to get a little depressed, and consequently less motivated, in a claustrophobic space. But I’ve known plenty of people that thrive on the opposite, both artists and coders, who love working in a cave. I was very lucky that the little 900 sq. ft. office we found a few years back has windows across two of the four walls. Here’s a photo of my workspace after a rare snowstorm in February. It’s 105 degrees Fahrenheit in Dallas today, so this picture feels like a dream!¬†http://bit.ly/9nXF8b

    I’ve also noticed that changes in my environment keep me motivated. In my current situation I get that by the change in daylight throughout the day. But when I used to work in a dark loft, I would change the lighting inside myself throughout the day using different lights and lamps.

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