What Payment Processor Are You Using?

I’ve been so accustomed to using Plimus & Paypal that I’ve almost forgot that there’s other alternatives available.

I just saw UltimatePay/Playspan which is a system for purchasing digital stuff. Saw EA and other companies there. There wasn’t too much information available on their site. Anyone familiar with their system? (I’m just pondering if indies could use it)

What ecommerce providers you use for payment processing? Why? Planned any alternatives?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I’ve just signed up with http://www.fastspring.com/ . They seem very helpful to get you on your way, you can put buttons up all over your site if needed and you can completely customise your shop page.
    I’m still new to them though, and the product I plan to sell with them isn’t released yet. So a better report will have to come at a later date.

  2. I’m using PayPal, since they removed the non-merchant limitations (5 orders per year), so now you can make your own click and buy button on any of your web pages.

    Everytime I looked into other alternatives, they were more expnsive and not so flexible. But there might be still some good ones around.

  3. Plimus primarily. And pretty much what Dave has said, though I’ve had less problems with customer service. The biggest issue with Plimus is that it is VERY flexible, but with all that flexibility, options, and customization comes complexity. Getting it set up the first time can be a little painful (but they have a bunch of tutorials & stuff to help). But once you are there – awesome.

    It’s also very cheap – they have a very low overhead for games in the traditional indie price range.

    BMT I’ve only used as an affiliate. It’s also very cheap and usable, but from what I’ve seen, it’s a lot less flexible but also easier to use.

    Both offer GREAT, easy-to-use affiliate services as well.They handle all the accounting and tracking of affiliate sales (though you can do some tricks to help improve counts). They are very popular, which means lots of games and lots of affiliates to sell your games.

  4. I’ve been using Plimus for a while, but I’m starting to *hate* it. When it works it’s great, but on the occasions that something goes wrong their customer service is abominable. I’ve heard good things about bmtMicro, but have had no experience with it myself.

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