August Contest: Convince Me To Buy Your Game

I want to buy a copy of your game (not the source code, no).

Few years back, I held this contest where your job was to convince me to buy your game. Close to 74 attempts were made and I bought a few games so we are looking at conversion rate higher than 1% – better than “industry average”.

Now it’s time to have the convince-my-to-buy-your-game contest again.

Don’t know how many games I will end up purchasing, but at least 1 game I shall purchase during this contest. Who knows, maybe more. It depends.

The rules are quite simple: basically, you gotta convince me to buy your game. Show screenshots, ask, cry, beg or get mafia to help convince me… do whatever it takes and leave a convincing comment in this blog post.

The contest ends in the end of August (or the moment I run out of money, as was also stated in the rules few years back).

The contest starts now, so leave a convincing comment on this blog entry.

Bonus points (that don’t affect anything) for those who retweet this blog post.

P.S. Like 3 years ago: I still own a pretty new (upgraded) PC but this time it’s Windows Vista instead of XP, so I’d appreciate if your game would actually work on my computer… Also, please use full URLs when creating links (and make sure you have spaces, or the system won’t recognize your URL links). Don’t worry if your comment goes to moderation queue, I’ll be approving it in no time.

Update:I also have Playstation 3.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. On my list right now are these finalists:

    “*clears throat* MineCraft”

    “if you like those impossible figures of Escher, you will definitely like this game!”

    “You want to play Revenge of the Titans” (repeated infinitely)

    “Because it doesn’t suck, it sucks you in”

    “baby soother”

    “costs less than a cheeseburger”

    (I’ll go through them once more and pick the winners. Man there was so many nice looking games (or apps) to choose from!)

  2. Okaydokie. Really cool games.

    The contest is ended now… and I’ll go through all the games and pick at least 3 to purchase (so many to choose from). Winners get featured in a blog post too.

  3. Hello! If you like classic games you should try to play “Rune Twister”. This game contains mixed gameplay of a tetris and match-3 games. There are 6 modes of difficulty, you can compete with other players thanks to the online highscores. The game itself is not as big as casuals that are made nowadays, but I think that we offer a lot of fun in a fair price – $4.99 :).

    Official website: http://www.bionicnose.net/
    Rune Twister page: http://www.bionicnose.net/p/rune-twister.html

  4. I don’t want to be over confident but I can try to convince you. For our Windows PC Game “The Legend Of Vraz”.

    “The Legend of Vraz” is based on Indian Miniature Painting style and is a combination of Mario meets Prince of Persia in India. The highlight of the game is its exquisite hand painted 2D graphics in traditional Indian miniature painting style and a mesmerizing gameplay that give game enthusiasts an outstanding adventure experience.

    This game is an epic love story where the prince and the princess meet, fall in love and the Prince braves the world of exotica to win the love for Princess. This game explores the realms of a culture which is hardly touched by usual video games and has won the Best PC game Award at FICCI BAF Awards 2010 in Mumbai.

    In this story-based adventure game, Prince Vraz has to successfully perform five tasks set by the Princess Avi’s father in order to marry her. Seems Simple? It sounds simple, but this game is loaded with challenges at every level thanks to Vizier of Kund who plans marry the Princess and take control of the Kingdom. This game will propel the players to utilize their reflexes and mind in the best possible manner and is a respite from the violence usually seen in other games.

    The Prince Vraz has to achieve 5 tasks from 15 different stages set in 4 exotic worlds. Prince Vraz faces 14 different enemies and each is a strong opposition and hard to win on. This game is suitable for all age groups as there are no bloodsheds, deaths, violence or use of any abusive language.

    The game is priced at $19.99 and players can buy game online from the official website http://www.zatungames.com.

    “The Legend of Vraz” is an elegantly simple game which is easy to learn but difficult to master! Any enthusiast who plays it will enjoy it and would want to play again and again to master it.

  5. Karl’s app for the win. :) I could have used that if it existed back when my kids (now teens) were that small.

  6. Ok, so I know it’s not a game, but how can you get your game on when your infant is screaming at the top of their lungs several inches from your head? Night after night, more screaming and no gaming… There’s no asking your other half to step up so you can game. That’s just weak and will cost you dearly in a few years. It’s time for you to break out your secret sauce so you can score the ‘this parenting thing is easy!’ badge with the other half.

    Dig out your iPhone/iPod Touch and wander on over to http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ibabysoother/id334447590?mt=8 and buy my app. Hit the big button up top that says ‘White Noise’, wait the 3-5 minutes it will take for your infant to settle down and eventually fall asleep, and then game away to your heart’s content.

    Oh, and turn down the volume on that monster gaming rig of yours, I can’t compete with your 500watt 7.1 surround sound. You want the baby to stay asleep, right? If your setup gets louder than my app, you lose and its ‘No gaming for you!’

  7. In reality this is not a test, but just a sneaky way for me to be lazy without needing to hunt any good games. They come served to me. On a silver plate. With sweet words. And good prices.

    So… feel free to bring ’em on. I would have bought ten ton ninja but damn-it, it is a free game. (http://www.addictive247.co.uk/)

    Looking forward to seeing more – I’ll wanna spend some donuts here!

  8. Do you have an Xbox 360? If you do, be sure to check out my game Tobe’s Vertical Adventure on the XBLIG. It’s a tribute to classic games, and a must play old school platformer that’s been rated
    xboxhornet – 9.5
    XBLAratings – 9.0
    sfx-360.com – 8.6

    You can purchase it here
    Or find out more about it here

    All that, and because it’s fantastic yet nobody knows about it :P

  9. Buy our match 3 game Gadgetz/Tilez and join dozens of other satisfied customers! :D



    Yep. It comes in French and German flavors! (uh, the english version never made it to market… ahem).

    You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! You’ll shake your head and wonder what the hell we were thinking!

    If you only buy ONE GAME this year, buy Starcraft II – it’s pretty sick. But if you buy two….


    P.S. You can probably also use it to blackmail me years from now when I’m rich and famous.

  10. Oh, and another thing Juuso.
    I did a press release on the 40% off sale, so if the press release isn’t even effective on persuading you, then what does it mean? :P

  11. Well since you said you want to buy a game, not necessarily play a game – that means you’ll buy games that you won’t like to play right? Cos you can buy my games – there’s quite a few.

    I give them away for free (surprisingly enough people on the rare occassion download them – no idea if they actually then play them) but you can pay for them instead if you’re feeling generous :-)


    But seriously, if you do get round to playing some of the “paying games” do post reviews. Some of them look like they could potentially be fun.

  12. My game, Labyrinthica: The Quest Of Lima, has both classic kind of feeling and gameplay, but also innovative gameplay and not found in other games.
    The gameplay is prety simple, but it it’s a fun, tweaked concept.

    If you buy it until august 15, you can get a 40% sale at ImpulseDriven.
    You can also buy it via my website at: http:\\www.pompipompi.net and have me earn a larger piece of the pie.

    Also, when you buy my game another puppy finds a new home. E:3

  13. Mystic Mine is cool…

    My game is free, not for sale, and not yet finished. Maybe for the next contest of this type?

  14. 1. Do you dig the Rocky Horror Picture Show?
    a Yes. Go to 5.
    b No. Go to 2.

    2. Do you dig speculative/science fiction, mysterious machines, alternate universes, space travel, aliens, and other such thoughts about weird stuff?
    a. Yes. Go to 5.
    b. No. Go to 3.

    3. Do you like anime? Here, watch this promo video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvLPA1qO134
    Does this pique your interest?
    a. Yes. Go to 5.
    b. No. Go to 4.

    4. Well… if you’re not interested in stories, and you hate anime boys, and you hate mad scientists, I suspect we need to take drastic action. Here, close your eyes, drink this, then go back to 1 and start again.

    5. Download the Date Warp demo and start unraveling the mystery!

  15. BLACK HOLE! (iPhone)

    Because it doesn’t suck, it sucks you in and it’s only $.99!

    A podcaster said about it “they’re selling crack on the App Store now, and it’s called Black Hole!”.

    Also, we failed to get proper funding for our iPhone Startup despite our best efforts and this is the pitch project that we eventually released after a year-long arduous journey and numerous changes and an extend polish and legal phase. We deserve you to entrust us with $.99 so each of us gets his share of $0.1126125 per purchase so that after 44,444 sold copies we can break even. At the current rate of sales that would be after just about 20 years.

    So what are you waiting for?

  16. Convince you to buy my game?

    How about Tron style tank blasting done right (and none of that namby pamby lightcycle rubbish).

    Also, my sig; I only have one rule. Everyone codes, no-one quits. You don’t finish your game, I’ll shoot you myself.’ http://www.tankuniversal.com

    (also available on Steam)

  17. If you want to play something completely different, then buy Mystic Mine (http://www.mysticmine.com). Next to the single player mode, you can play with up to 6 friends behind the same computer (yes, all 6 of you playing at the same time, on the same keyboard). Each player needs only one button to play the game, since it features a unique gameplay that you have never seen or played before.

    And that’s not all of course, if you like those impossible figures of Escher, you will definitely like this game! The mine cars you control always go down inside an impossible mine, but can still arrive at the start location. In this mystic mine, there is neither top nor bottom :).

    If you enjoy it as much as my customers, I can give a special discount to you and the readers of your blog :).

  18. P.S. I’m not actually Notch, but I thought you might find that humorous.

    P.P.S. I stupidly spelled it MineCraft when it’s actually Minecraft. >.<

  19. If you have a Xbox360, connected to internet, and a live account, the you should go and buy our game “Rotor’scope: The secred of the endless energy”


    It won the second prize of 2009 Dream Build Play and has also been awarded in some national events.

    You can also can try Rotor’scope on youtube:


    (Then you can say you have played a xbox360 game on youtube)

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