Wrapping Browser Based Game To Make It “Downloadable Game”?

There’s applications like Steam that are basically browsers (at least the store part) that don’t look like browsers, but they load stuff from web.

I started wondering if anyone has tried releasing their browser game, wrapped inside an application that simply loads the game from the interwebz. This would essentially turn your browser game into a downloadable game.

You tried this? Considered doing this? Know anyone who has done this?

Is this a bad idea?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. RuneScape, for a really long time, had an “official client” which was simply an IE control in a window. So it was like running Internet Explorer, minus the address bar, menu bar, etc. A fullscreen view of RuneScape.com.

    They just recently (like, a few weeks ago) completely remade it to be a very cool Java program that wraps their applet but better. Like, it’s not just a browser window program anymore, it’s actually a program that runs the game.

    Eh, kinda hard to explain. If you feel the urge to try it, you can find it at runescape.com (it’s hidden in the menu under Community > Downloads & Wallpapers).

  2. I worked on a project some years ago where we had to include an existing web application into a desktop application. It was as trivial as slapping a browser control in the VB.NET application.

    This one was of course requiring to be run on a Windows machine as it was just calling IE inside the application. Can be done in 5 seconds.

    Example: http://www.danstuts.com/2008/08/16/a-vbnet-2008-web-browser/

    So basically it just like building a custom skin for IE. Only reason I see to do this for a game would be to have it distributed on things like Steam though that’d still remain a browser game. I don’t think Steam would add such game to their list.

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