Why Seeing 03:27 In a Timer Bugs Me?

We have this fridge magnet that has timer in it. You can set up minutes and seconds and start/stop (and reset) the timer. Today at some point I had stopped the timer at 03:27. Later I saw the number again and it slightly bothered me but I didn’t press the reset button. Yet.

But the next time I just had to reset the timer to 00:00 and was like “phew”. Now things are in shape again and I can enjoy my orange juice in peace.

I’m no control freak but like to keep things organized.

Still, it’s a bit of a mystery to me why humans (or at least one of them) are designed this way? Rationally thinking, there’s no need to reset timer from 03:27. Reseting takes like half a second of my time so it’s okay to leave it there. It doesn’t hurt anybody.

But annoyed me enough that I had to do the reset after passing by it couple of times.

Pretty crazy. Kind of.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I wonder if being slightly in the autistic spectrum has any evolutionary advantage, or rather did have in the past. These days it can probably get you a good job in computers or accounts or even art/music, which is useful, but may not help mating chances.

  2. the last time I did not reset the oven timer, that was because I saw no reason to do that. But it did not act as a dumb timer but as a “run oven while time is going on”. I did not reset it, but the fireman did :)

  3. A few days ago I stopped the oven timer at 13:37 and was very proud of it. That’s until mom had to reset it…

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