25 Things That I Like In Game Development

On top of my head:

  1. I like create something
  2. I like to draw things
  3. I like to show my creations
  4. I like it when people like my game
  5. I like coding
  6. I like planning
  7. I like designing gameplay
  8. I like writing about developing
  9. I like using English
  10. I like physics in games
  11. I like online multiplayer
  12. I like to blog about my game development
  13. I like to network with other developers
  14. I like to make videos about my games
  15. I like to post screenshots about my games
  16. I like to see my games in gaming magazines
  17. I like the feeling of earning donuts from my games
  18. I like the unique challenges that game production presents
  19. I like upgrading my computer in order to boost my development
  20. I like to discuss about my game development
  21. I like to learn from my mistakes in game development
  22. I like it how game development poses ethical questions ranging from “this demon’s logo looks like Turkey flag” to “what kind of humor should I have” to many, many other
  23. I like buying new games and learning from them
  24. I like participating in game development contests
  25. I like having direct discussion with the people who like my games

What kind of list you have?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I just love to play as I am just a user.

    That’s indeed a huge tasks which a game developer think before making any games.

    Actually I wanted to be an animator when I was in school but somehow I could get on the track. I feel very happy when I see you all.

    Best of luck

  2. Jake: That’s one way to think of it. I don’t think of this list from that point of view.

    In fact, I strongly disagree, and I don’t see a single point that would be procrastination as itself (and I classify “marketing” as part of game development, as I do classify networking).

    I see “game development” as something bigger journey than “doing a game”. I view game development also as growing as a person, learning new skills, socializing with others.

    If I had titled this post “25 Things I Like About Project Work”, then I might agree with you. This post also takes no position in how much time I spend on these things.

    For example, even though I like “physics in games”, right now in my game dev project, there’s no physics in it. So far I’ve spent like 47 seconds thinking physics in my current project (=when writing this blog entry + now replying to you).

    Same goes for computer parts: the last upgrade I did was a bigger monitor. That took of course bit of time to learn what I need, checking prices, doing the purchase (and then figuring out what to do with the 2nd monitor ;)) but besides that, haven’t spent much time nor money on thinking upgrades.

  3. To be devil’s advocate for a minute, most of the stuff on your list is not actually to do with MAKING a game, it’s periphery stuff that could be classed as procrastination (or marketing). Just focusing on making a game could result in a more frequent quality output…

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