“Hey, Let’s Make a Game About Italian Plumber Brothers Who Kill Monsters In A Fantasy Land Eating Mushrooms to Double Their Size!”

“And hey, this music would be just perfect!”

If you ever think that your game’s theme is “too weird”, just think of what Mario Bros really is about.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I wonder why did they changed mario from a sweaty big nosed plummber, to this super cute super clean hero?

  2. @Ranko:

    On the other hand there always will be some naysayers. They will tell you that your idea won’t work and that this and that would be better. I have one guy of this kind on a feedback channel for Nordenfelt :)

  3. So true…

    I want to add that when you want to create a game with a world you like and a gameplay you like, most of time there are thousands of people who think the same way on this planet. Maybe not in your neighbourhood but on the planet yes.

    When your game doesn’t sell it’s either because you are completely a weird guy or simply because you haven’t taken the time to make it known to interested people…

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