Something Odd Has Happened: I’m Checking Email After Twitter

I quite cannot put my finger on it, but after the twitter system has been getting better client software and new systems that help in displaying conversations and doing retweets, things have changed for me. I’m not thinking of “checking email”, I’m thinking “checking Twitter, and then email” nowadays.

Well, at least more than earlier.

I’m following and unfollowing people that I want, and twitter has become an easy way to find out what’s going on. When new games appear, somebody in Twitter is mentioning them. When new relevant game dev stuff occurs, somebody there I follow will tweet about it.

Yes, it’s still 90+% spam but hey, that’s how Internet works: most of the stuff in the Internet is spam anyway and at least you get to choose not to follow people who tweet about stuff like this.

Twitter is also one of the top traffic senders to this site, so that’s another reason why I’m liking it.

There’s 2 gloomy things that are in my mind about twitter. First is potential spam. I haven’t seen pretty close to any bot-generated spam in my account, but there’s already huge amount of fake accounts and spambots tweeting rubbish (which I don’t see, since I don’t follow those bots). My fear is that these spammers somehow manage to make things messed up. Don’t know how, but still think it might happen one day.

The second perhaps bigger issue is that there’s no revenue model for Twitter. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day they’d shut down the whole service. Maybe Twitter has grown beyond that point, but it’s still totally free and is sucking money as we speak. Facebook figured out how to make donuts. Twitter hasn’t. As much as I like “free stuff”, there’s the problem with free that somebody needs to pay it. I’m not saying I’d pay anything for Twitter (I think) but if they don’t figure out a way to earn donuts, they cannot continue this thing forever.

Meanwhile, Twitter is proving to be a pretty slick tool for game developers in quite many ways and I feel it is something developers shouldn’t ignore. You can ask and get help. You can network. You can throw quick messages without stealing other people’s precious time (as you gotta keep it short you know).

I’m no Twitter fan, but growing to like it a bit more.

It’s bit like a virtual pub where you can bring the folks you like.

And that’s perhaps why I sometimes look forward to checking Twitter instead of my email inbox.

Juuso Hietalahti

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  1. Yep, I’m constantly finding cool news and stuff to distract myself with :-) Plus meeting new people in the game industry in person as a result of virtual comms is neat.

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