Now, THIS Is Customer Service

Moment ago I downloaded Plain Sight game from Gamersgate summer sale, and few minutes later made a few tweets.

Check the below discussion (click the image)

Basically: I made a comment about corrupted download file (at 11:20). 11 minutes later (11:31) gamersgate replies to me that they want to help me get it working. And a minute later (11:32) they give me idea of redownloading the whole thing. Few minutes later (11:35) I got the thing working.

If customer service is about following people who talk about your game… you certainly are doing something very right.

Kudos Gamersgate.

3 thoughts on “Now, THIS Is Customer Service

  1. Hey, that reminds me, we gonna make this trout deal or what? =P

  2. Oops, meant I saw your tweets. iPhone mishap.

  3. That’s pretty impressive! U saw your tweets about it, and they handled the situation perfectly.