Sofa Is The Best Place to Code (After Bed)

I spend quite a bit of time coding in front of my computer (especially when handling tricky bug hunting…) but there’s two places where I do much of progress:

  • Sofa
  • Bed

I might sit down a sofa and make notes on paper. I might build pseudo code in order to solve certain coding dilemmas. I might lie down and just stare the roof and think. This is all without a computer. Pen & paper you know.

The other place where my code is refined (without even thinking it) is in my bed, while at sleep. I might have some tricky coding puzzle that won’t solve by staring the screen. After failing to see the solution, I might realize that now I just need to stop, go to bed, and see the solution the next morning. And this has yet to fail me.

Sure, I can do “puzzle solving” in front of my computer, but I’ve found it good to prepare and plan the code in my mind while somewhere else. That’s where the hard part happens. That’s where the thinking process takes place.

After the plan is made, it’s easy to sit and start typing the code together.

12 thoughts on “Sofa Is The Best Place to Code (After Bed)

  1. TheQuux

    There’s a reason that there are pool tables, volleyball courts, and ball pits strewn around Google, and it’s not just because they’re fun. Sometimes getting away from your desk is the best way to get things done… I, for one, have a habit of relocating to the ball pit whenever there’s problem that’s really stumping me.

  2. merc-ai

    Sofa FTW. For me, it’s perfect for refining or coming up with new game design solutions. Also, shower.

    And the perfect time for general thought sorting is when I make sandwiches in the kitchen (and eat them there, too).

  3. Sargon

    A lot of times I am working at my workplace on some problem. I try to solve it but fail.
    Then I am going home at the end of the day, and while walking on the car I already think about a good solution to the problem.
    Sometimes chaning your physical place also help you change your mindset.


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