In the Future, All Gamers Are Athletes (PS3 Move/Xbox Kinect Stuff)

Several years ago, Nintendo Wii changed the way how families play games. Yes they did. A chap told me that he was never interested in games… but bought Wii and was hooked. So, this proves my statement.

Now, few years later, Sony brings Move for Playstation 3. Move is a odd looking stick with a light ball in the end. Bit like those yedi lightsabers, with a ball instead of blade in the end.

Today I watched some Move game trailers and it sort of hit me that these Wii & Move (and Kinect for Xbox) are helping change the whole nations. I think these things can really have impact on our health. I remember trying Wii at my bro’s house and after a few minutes of boxing I was sweating. It wasn’t “just a video game”, it was bloody exercise. With fun games coming out, I can imagine how these games can help get gamers in better shape.

I still think that nothing beats going out and getting some fresh air… but at least if our kids (and we) play a bit more of these games that get their asses off the sofa, we are heading to somewhere better place.

Here’s a video aobut a game called The Fight: Lights Out (reminded me about the Fight Club movie for some reason). I don’t know how much you can “cheat” nor how accurate the move stick – or two – are, but looks pretty slick to me.

I guess much depends how accurate the system really is.

I’m becoming more of a console man. (Yaiks.)

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. whatever man im not getting into a flame war on a comment section, and actually i have all consoles of the current gen and a lot of previous gen ones plus a fairly good gaming pc so i am certainly not biast and saying things will fail as marketing has a great deal to do with how well these products sell nowardays. Im also sure no one was to say that will fail etc.

  2. The wii is the best point at the screen device. But it is the worst motion sensing device.
    If nintendo have marketed the wii is a “point to screen” device it would probably wouldn’t be so succesful. Eventhough that is the strongest feature of the wii mote.

    So if we are talking about motion devices, in that respect the wii technology is poor.
    And there are other games out there than pointing and shooting.

  3. (I’m the Anonymous, don’t know why it didn’t put my name there…)
    Actually I hate Mario games but I respect the enormous sales that it generates. I also respect a console that is years behind it’s competition regarding hardware, yet it still is in the race. And I wasn’t like “OMG and stuff”, I’m way over that age. You shouldn’t jump to conclusions so easy. Actually I’m not a MS hater, I use a lot of MS products. And it’s not about MS, Nintendo, Sony, etc. It seems that I have to repeat myself, because you don’t get it. WE ARE TALKING ABOUT HARDWARE.
    So, hardware-wise, in my opinion, the Wiimote is the best motion-sensing device because it also allows you to point at the screen. For me motion sensing is useless, I like to point&shoot stuff. If you like to roll on the floor and pet an imaginary dog, it’s your business.
    @Jusso: enjoying the show? I hope you brought popcorn ;)

  4. @stu,

    Notice I myself have no idea what will successed and what not. But I am tired of people saying this or that will be doomed before it was even released.

  5. Haha sargon you sound like a typical fanboy yourself, read his comments again juuso never trash talked any console. And yeah move looks good but reviews are in on major review sites now of the launch games and most of them are not imaginative or fun in any way apparently but the controls seem to work well so we can only hope developers will do something good with it and with kinnect too. Although kinnect games seem to be slightly better at the moment

  6. @Anonymous,
    You are probably a nintendo fanboy and an MS hater. “OMG MS will fail! OMG Nintendo rulez, lol!”
    I have heard all of your arguments again and again from people like you who don’t know what they are talking about.
    I am kind of sick of it to be honest.
    Maybe in a few years you will be more open and less fanboy. But until then, enjoy your mario games.

  7. What I like about Kinect is that it sort of pushes the limits of gaming.

    Okay… maybe you look like a fool waving your hands in front of a tv, but think for example kids! They don’t mind “looking like fools” (and therefore they won’t). They will giggle and experiment with stuff and create something cool out of it, when given tools.

    Or… think of exercising. I don’t know if there’s already a game (or coming anywhere near) but what if the game could track your movement while you do pushups or whatnot, and it could give tips or calculate how much you’ve done.

    I don’t have xbox nor planning to get one (I do have ps3 and might get move for curiosity – I never had Wii you know), but I think it has tons of potential.

    In fact, it’s sort of a really cool concept this “you are the controller”.

    I would think that it will take at least couple of rounds to get it right thought. My prediction is that Kinect (first gen) will have some success in certain games, but after couple of years (after technology improves and after getting feedback and new game design ideas), it will be a Really Cool Thing.

    Meanwhile… Move cloned Wii controller, took the next step and is providing a really solid tracking. (That’s what I think, don’t know since haven’t tested the controller). I think Move is technically more usable than Kinect, but it’s up to game designers to get the games to use it properly.

    If there’s software (=games) coming for Move, I think it can do just fine. I would expect Kinect’s cool factor to fade away unless the tracking proves to be great. “Pretty good” won’t be enuf.

    …but this is just me guessing. We’ll see how it goes when these things are really available to the public.

  8. @Sargon: “Did you play river rush?”
    We’re not talking about a specific game. We’re considering the whole platform. Just because it’s good for one-two games and it sucks for 100 other games, doesn’t mean it’s ok.
    I don’t know about you, but I look cooler sitting on my desk playing Starcraft with the mouse/keyboard combo, or sitting in my couch playing God of War with the controller, than waiving hands in front of a camera trying to hit the guy on the screen without breaking mom’s flower pots. And I’m not a good fighter, I don’t know how to fight. If the game mimics my movements, I’m going to get it bad. I prefer to press AABBAAB for a quick combo.
    On the other hand I like the WiiMote because I can point at the screen and shoot stuff, it’s fun! Like the old duck-shoot game on the NES…

  9. lonestarr: I tried some boxing game on my bro’s Wii, and it was fun. Sure, you could “cheat” by doing “wrist punches”… but if you didn’t do that – it was a bloody fun exercise. Started sweating after 15 mins ;) That’s why asking.

  10. acording to many media sites the kinect has potential for media other than games as its not brilliantly acurate and can only track 2 people, but the move is 1 to 1 tracking and can support mutiple players so i would think the success of the hardware rests upon what software comes out for it, since most of the games comming out at the moment for the devices look rather tame.

  11. yes, I played “the fight” and it was not that fun. In fact, I doubt this kind of game can be cool since you think it will *mimic* your moves in a better way (because you know you’re not a real fighter). I had the impression that the game simply triggers some actions when it detects that you’re punching left or right, up or down. The overall feeling was not pleasant to me. I prefer to use the PS Move for its accuracy (so the EyePet toy handling).

    I doubt that a motion detection device can be usefull in fighting games, remember this:

    Here is the paradox again: you attend it to mimic your moves, and as you’re not bruce lee the game triggers pre-recorded moves, and you’re disappointed (well, not as much as if it would truly replicate your exact moves!)

  12. No I didn’t play river rush. You may be right about the adaptation period that is certainly mandatory to play kinect and have fun. But I won’t buy Kinect day one, I will rather wait for better games and other players’ impressions before I jump in. But I will get the PS Move with no doubt (mainly for EyePet I admit).

  13. From my experience, Kinect is a lot of fun. Did you play river rush?
    The first time I played Kinect I didn’t enjoy it so much, but the second time was great. I also watched people playing river rush and only seeing them playing made me so happy like no game has ever made me.
    It just looked so fun to see two grown ups jumping and moving and having such a blast from a game.
    I didn’t try it myself though.

  14. I had the chance to test both at the gamescom, kinect and ps move. As a hardcore gamer, here is my very humble verdict:

    – Kinect doesn’t bring me a lot of fun. The gap was clearly too large for me, because I still need to hold something in hands to play. I felt a little naked in front of the screen, and the games were not very fun to me. Maybe that’s the future of gaming, and I would play it with better games, but Kinect was not something I simply enjoyed, as I don’t enjoy all those casual Wii games…

    – PS Move does a better job, although I really had some problems to play with all the games. The best is the EyePet integration because that’s the game where you can see how accurate is the detection. My kids won’t have to put that stupid card in front of the camera to play with toys within EyePet: they will simply hold the PS Move and voila. The other good surprise was Socom 2, because it brings FPS to the PS3 for the PC gamer, and it’s definitely easier to point a target than with the gamepad. The bad news are: 1) it is nowhere as accurate than a mouse (even the PS3 mouse “Fragenstein” is better), and 2) any FPS must be get a PS Move patch to take advantage of the device, and unfortunately, we don’t know if playing old FPS (Modern Warfare 2) or upcoming ones (Vanquish) with the PS Move is going to happen. All other games were a joke: the PS Move bring no value to them (I mean you could play them with the gamepad with equal/better experience). I didn’t test all games, some were just too casual for me.

  15. Fili, I disagree with every statement you made. I am amazed how so many people offer their prediction of the future and their prediction is usually that these things will fail.
    Since when does playing kinect is looking like an idiot, and playing a PC game with a keyboard and mouse is so cool?
    I think it might be the contrary if anything.
    I think Kinect is heaps of fun to play and it got a lot of potential. Of course the success depend on a lot of things, but Kinect has the potential to deliver many fun gameplay moments.
    Maybe you won’t see the number 9001 platfomer on Kinect, or number 2001 WW2 FPS clone, but it will provide some really fun games to play.

  16. Neah… It’s just like the Wii. Hardcore gamers get PCs, XBoxes, PS3’s, kids and moms get Wii.
    The probability of a hardcore gamer (owner of a PS3) buying a stick-ball-thingie so he can play boxing is very low…
    Also the jump-like-an-idiot-while-waiving-hands type of game is very limited. I was looking at a racing game where the kid races, goes to the pit stop then the parents are the pit stop technicians that change the wheels. I don’t want to call somebody to help me change the wheels. And what’s the satisfaction for that person?
    So I think that these games still belong to a niche and won’t be widespread in the near future. Let’s not forget that Wii is so successful mainly because of the games legacy.

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