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  1. Ok…not the first time we seen no controller. The ps2 eyetoy had no controller either. My bad.

  2. I bought the Move on launch day. I’m very impressed with it. Very glad I got it. Worth every penny to me. I can already tell it won’t be used for two weeks then left to collect dust. I had a 360 but it died on me so many times I found it a waste to keep buying games for a console that kept dying so I dumped it. I do have a grudge against Microsoft and the 360 but I want Kinect to be good for 360 owners. Why shouldn’t 360 owners be able to enjoy a motion device? If Kinect fails or succeeds will it change my Move experience? No. For me, Move is definitely the right choice.

    I do think Move will sell more by word of mouth. Visually Kinect is more impressive because for the first time we see no controller. Move is only impressive when you get it in your hands. When people watch youtube videos of the Move being used they can’t help but think “Sony Wii ripoff”. Only when you play it do you get it and only then do you get sucked into the games because of how responsive, accurate, and lag free it is. If Sony ripped off the Wii, didn’t every car manufacturer rip off the Model T? They all do the exact same thing. They all have the same parts, gas tank, four wheels, seats, steering wheel, gas tank. Does that mean we should just call Porsche, Ferrari, and Lamborghini’s rip offs?

    If people can let go of preconceived notions, let go of their ignorance of “Wii ripoff”, I find it hard to believe anyone could not really enjoy using Move.

    Even if Kinect is accurate and does good with the lag issue, I don’t see it matching the accuracy and lack of lag the Move has. To me, the most important things about a motion controller is how accurate is it and how lag free is it? In that department, Move is a complete and absolute success.

  3. I tried Kinect and Move at the Gamescom and in my opinion the Kinect is a really nice device and will bring a lot of fun especially for parties.

    Move on the other hand seems to me like a Wiimote with a big glowing ball at one end, and I havnt seen any interesting new game concept with the move and Kinect has a lot of nice games to play. So right now Kinect > Move imho

  4. I can’t go to any details because of NDA but I am in the Kinect Beta and I can say it is awesome little party device. Sadly I’m not the party going type so that use is going to be wasted on me as it did with my day one purchase of the Wii.

    First reaction with the Kinect was that it actually works. Little things to fix but this is beta for a reason.

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