How PS3 Move Could Have Become Much Cooler Than It Currently Is

Sony PS3’s new fancy gadget is the Move motion controllers. Those funny looking sticks with ball of light in one end. Half of the hardcore gamers in the world are laughing at their appearance, half are silent about getting one (to ensure the other half won’t laugh at them).

This is how the Move controller looks like:

I was browsing for some more info about Move (since I’m planning to get the thing) and saw some old discussion about it. Some gamers were laughing at it’s appearance and said something that the marketers could have listened.

“Sony should have made them gloves.”

I think that’s a brilliant statement. A brilliant idea. Sony’s marketing team took Wii’s controller, improved the tech, and are now bringing a bit funny looking cone saying that “hardcore and casual gamers will all love it”.

Well, maybe. Sony probably has a bit more experience in marketing stuff than I do, but I must say that the current solution looks bit like “we are like Wii except better and try to cater for everybody”.

What if Sony would have made a bold move instead, and play from their strengths?

What if they would have decided to:

  • Make the motion controller a glove (or pair of gloves)?
  • What if they would have branded it to be the hardcore gamer’s motion controller?

Now they compete with Wii (who already has all those sports games) and Kinect (which has the extra coolness factor of “you don’t need a controller – you are the controller”).

I don’t know if it would sell more this way, but I think Sony could have made a bolder move in this thing – and differentiate them from others.

You know, they could have done something like this that was done 4 years ago (“Wii power glove mod”) – but of course in black…

Move is technically superior in accuracy (from what I’ve read), but I sure would buy a pair of motion gloves more happily (and pay extra) than a stick or two with light ball in one end.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. The same stick can be held by both an adult and a child. With the gloves it’s a different thing. Hands have sizes and shapes. Some have thick short fingers, others have long thin fingers, children have short thin fingers and so on. So they should release 10-15 different types of controllers. And users had to buy more, one for each person that plays the game.
    Also it’s the sweat. There are days when it’s so hot that I’m not even wearing a t-shirt and you want me to wear gloves and waive hands in front of the tv? No thanks. I’ll get back to my keyboard and mouse or gamepad.

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