Paypal Freezes Indie Developer’s Account (600 000 EUR)

I just read that paypal is freezing indie devs 600 000 eur account. I don’t know what’s true (and what has happened there) but I would guess two things are happening:

  1. Paypal is messing this thing up big time
  2. See previous

I love using Paypal.

But I hate seeing stories like this.

I’d really like to get this resolved quickly. Not “within 2-3 weeks”.

Via @bytejacker

3 thoughts on “Paypal Freezes Indie Developer’s Account (600 000 EUR)

  1. Juuso Post author

    “PayPal called. They’re going to require a 5% “reserve” of all sales. Unacceptable. But at least they’re going to unlock my account.”

    5% reserve? whadda heck is going on?


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